Manfredonia, a dog locked in a box has been crying and despairing for days now

STATOQUOTIDIANO.IT Manfredonia, June 29, 2021. Absurd situation that is happening these days in Manfredonia.

Today a report was received to the National Consumers Union, delegation of Manfredonia by subjects residing in via Giuseppe di Vittorio who reported that in a box, located in the same street, a crying dog without water or food was closed. and has been desperate for days now.

Upon learning of the incident, the UN tried in vain to alert the municipal police of the Municipality of Manfredonia.

The latter declared that due to the absence of the person responsible for the prevention of stray dogs they could not intervene. The situation is absurd to say the least and leaves you stunned.

Will there be a co-responsibility where the dog with the high temperatures of these days, closed in a box, without water or food should die?

National Consumers Union – Delegation of Manfredonia Avv. Grazia Pennella

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