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From June 1st, the Ministry of the Environment has made it mandatory for dogs and cats sold at breeders and pet shops to wear microchips. I would like to confirm what a microchip is and what it can do.

If the pet is missing or lost due to an unexpected situation such as a disaster, if the pet is equipped with a microchip, it will be returned to the owner by reading the information of the microchip embedded in the body. You will be able to do it.

What is a microchip?

What is a microchip in the first place? According to the Ministry of the Environment, the microchip is a cylindrical device with a diameter of 1.2 mm and a length of about 8 mm, and is an electronic labeling device that uses biocompatible glass or polymer on the outside. The world’s only 15-digit number is recorded in the microchip, and by reading this identification number with a dedicated reader, it can be collated with the registration information stored on the server to reveal the identity.


It does not require a battery, reacts to the radio waves of the reader, and can send back the identification number, so it is said that once it is installed, it will not need to be replaced for the rest of its life. Note that microchips do not emit radio waves like GPS, and do not provide real-time location information.

It is attached subcutaneously using a dedicated syringe at a veterinary hospital. It has the advantage that it does not fall off like a collar or name tag, and it is said that dogs can be implanted from about 2 weeks after birth and cats from about 4 weeks after birth, depending on the breed and health condition. Regarding the safety of attaching the tip, it is “proven in various clinical trials (Japan Veterinary Medical Association)”.

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When you attach the microchip, your veterinarian will issue a “microchip attachment certificate”. This is a document required when registering microchip information.

Microchip mounting certificate (sample)

In addition, dogs and cats sold at pet stores are obligatory this time. If you receive a dog or cat from an acquaintance or an animal protection organization, it is not mandatory to wear a microchip, but it is an “obligatory effort”. However, if you get lost, you will be more likely to return it to the owner, so “please consider wearing it as much as possible.”

Change registration by the owner is “obligatory”

Microchip information is registered on the “Dog and Cat Microchip Information Registration” site. However, the first registration will be done by a breeder or pet shop. Therefore, when the pet is purchased, the owner information is in the name of the store, etc., so the owner must “register for change” of the microchip information. By registering the information here, the owner’s information will be linked to the pet for the first time.

Dog and cat microchip information registration site

In addition, change registration is “obligatory”. Don’t forget to register within 30 days of purchase.

The information registered in the microchip is as follows.

・ Owner’s name and address
·phone number
・ Location of dog or cat
・ Microchip identification number
・ Other matters specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of the Environment

Change registration is possible online, such as on a PC or smartphone. To change registration, you need the “password” written on the “registration certificate” received from the supplier, and when you perform change registration, you can download the “registration certificate” with the new password. There is a charge for change registration, etc., and you can do it online or with documents, but it will be expensive at 300 yen per case online and 1,000 yen per case for documents.

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For online application, credit card payment and code payment (PayPay) are supported (as of June 1st). Paper applications are available for bank transfers and convenience store payments.

If you want to change the registered information such as changing your name, address or phone number, you need to notify the designated registrar. You can file online or by paper and there is no fee for this procedure.

Until now, the installation of microchips has been voluntary, but there have been multiple management groups, and there has been no unified operation. With the new database being developed under the initiative of the government, it is expected that the possibility of reuniting with the owner will increase even if the pet has been lost.

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