Mandatory green pass in Italy, questions and answers: everything we know so far

Waiting for the government to find an agreement on the new anti-Covid decree the first rumors about the Green pass obbligatorio, on the French model. Between today and tomorrow the Technical Scientific Committee will give its indications, then Prime Minister Mario Draghi will gather the control room to file the provision. It deals with the mandatory nature in bars and restaurants at risk of crowding, but there are already several fixed points. And there is no shortage of critical issues, especially on the release to those recovered from Covid who only take one dose. Here’s what we know so far.

What is the Green pass?

It is the green certificate that allows you to move freely in EU countries. The certification contains a Qr Code which certifies one of the following conditions: successful vaccination, the healing from the virus or the failure of a swab performed in the last 48 hours. The European Commission has created a common technical platform to ensure that certificates issued by a state can be verified in the 27 member countries, plus Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein. In Italy, certification is issued exclusively through the National Platform of the Ministry of Health in both digital and printable paper format.

How do you get it?

At first, the Italian government provided for the release of the Green pass only with the first dose, and precisely 15 days after the inoculation of the serum. While currently, on the French model, the aim is to release only 14 days after full vaccination, therefore with a second dose (with the exception of Johnson & Johnson which provides a single dose).

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Covid cured, is one dose enough for the Green pass?

In theory, yes. In practice, however, reports of Covid healed “trapped” in the system’s meshes multiply because the certificate mentions a single dose without specifying that even in this way the vaccination cycle can be considered complete. According to what has emerged so far, it would be a system error.

How long is the validity of the green certificate?

The green pass has a different duration in relation to the different type of immunization from the virus, currently the duration is 9 months from the double dose vaccination (period equal to the deemed efficacy of the vaccines), 6 months from the recovery from Sars Cov19 which it is the time frame in which the antibodies are believed to protect against a new contagion, or two days in the case of a swab performed in the 48 hours prior to moving or entering a place at risk of crowding.

Who is exempt?

Children up to 2 years of age are exempt from the Green pass, while from 2 to 5 years the green certificate is issued without the need for a swab. It is instead mandatory from 6 to 12 years, in this age group as an alternative to the swab, you can also be vaccinated. These rules are likely to apply only to travel abroad, aboard planes or long-distance ships and trains. The other restrictions, linked to places at risk of crowding (at the entrance to restaurants and bars, etc.) should apply from the age of 18.

Where can they ask us for the Green pass?

The government works to make the green pass mandatory public places at risk of gatherings: stadiums, concerts, fairs, dance clubs, cinemas, theaters and gyms, shopping centers, parties, banquets and ceremonies. The most delicate knot remains that of bars and restaurants indoors. But with the increase in infections it is not excluded that the green certificate will also become indispensable for taking means of transport: long-distance trains, but also ships and airplanes. However, at the moment it seems excluded that they can be requested on buses, trams and subways.

What penalties are there?

Anyone found without equipment during a check risks high penalties: 400 euro fine for customers and five days of closure for the premises. The penalties will be reduced to 260 euros if paid by the fifth day.

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