Manchester City: Lothar Matthäus strongly criticizes Pep Guardiola

Lothar Matthäus sharply criticizes Pep Guardiola. He even believes that the Spaniard is now internally counted at City.

Lothar Matthäus has strongly criticized Pep Guardiola. The world champions wrote in his 1990 World Cup that Manchester City was “alone for the trophy” when they lost 1-0 in the Champions League final against Chelsea Sky-Column.

“With his line-up he stole the Champions League from the club and the fans and he has to rightly listen to the harsh criticism from all sides,” said Matthäus in the direction of City Coach Guardiola. He added: “I am sure that there will be internal discussions about whether to part with him.”

After the CL final: Matthäus criticizes Guardiola

“The players have been doubting him since that final. He had to try something again, present an imaginary genius at the worst possible moment and totally deserved to lose. How can you do without a defensive midfielder in the most important game in club history, the one in almost every game “Why did he leave Rodri and Fernandinho outside, put six offenses and also forego a center forward?” wrote Matthäus.

Pep Guardiola Manchester City Champions League Final

In contrast, he praised Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel, who won the premier class as the third German coach in a row after Jürgen Klopp (with Liverpool FC) and Hansi Flick (with FC Bayern), in the highest tones.

“Basically, his performance with Chelsea is a little bit higher than the victory of Liverpool or Bayern. This London team was not made to be the best in Europe in terms of composition and experience. A few months ago before Tuchel took over and the club was ninth in the Premier League. But Thomas has achieved something that is fantastic, “wrote Matthäus.

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Thomas Tuchel took over Chelsea in January

Once again it has been shown at the very highest level that the coach can achieve things through honesty, tactical finesse, a sense of togetherness and a great atmosphere that very few would have thought possible.

“The fact that the substitutes were almost even more happy than those on the field says everything about the inner workings of this team. Tuchel has something very special about him and he managed to win the team and the club over in a very short time. My friend and club owner from Paris is sure to start pondering and wondering how the sports director was able to throw this Thomas Tuchel out in winter, “said Matthäus.

Tuchel was only fired from PSG shortly before Christmas. In January he then took up his position with the Blues.


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