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Dieter Klingenberg, former Rexroth managing director and chairman of the Friends of Father Eckart. Photo: Günter Weislogel

Rexroth’s former commercial director and labor director, Dieter Klingenberg, died at the age of 92. Lohr and the Main Franconian economy owe him a lot. The graduate economist steered the stormy growth of the hydraulic company in an orderly fashion and prevented the Indramat company from moving away.

Born and raised in Lower Saxony, Klingenberg studied in Göttingen and began his professional career in 1952 in the corporate audit department of Friedrich Krupp in Essen. Three years later, he was head of testing at the Mannesmann revision in Düsseldorf.

Charm and humor

After several positions in Mannesmann subsidiaries, he came to GL Rexroth GmbH in Lohr, which at the time was only half owned by the Mannesmann group. His chances as commercial director of the rapidly growing Rexroth Group were not good, because his three predecessors in office had lasted a maximum of two years each, wiped out in debates with the company’s engineering management at the time.

In addition, Klingenberg in Lohr was initially viewed very suspiciously and suspected of being a “watchdog” or “spy by Mannesmann”. But he gained respect and recognition as a “workhorse with charm and humor”. Klingenberg brought the bookkeeping and accounting at Rexroth back into shape.

With his excellent knowledge of finance and tax law, he ensured the rapid growth of the company and always warned in good time of the consequences of excessive technical risk taking. Klingenberg considered his greatest success to be the city councilor and mayor of Lohr, together with other Rexroth executives, to create the industrial and commercial area of ​​Lohr-Süd and thus the relocation of the Indramat company (now Rexroth’s Electric Drives & Controls division) to prevent North Rhine-Westphalia. That meant over 1,000 jobs for Lohr.

Klingenberg retired at the age of 65. He then advised Rexroth and Mannesmann AG for three years. This activity has taken him to numerous countries. In India, he led the restructuring of Rexroth India. The retiree also got involved in Lohr. When relocating Lohrbach at the main plant, he provided planning, approval and financing with a work staff.

Dieter Klingenberg has been committed to social issues for many years. He had been a member of the Lohr-Marktheidenfeld Rotary Club since 1978 and was its president and district governor for Franconia, Thuringia and Northern Bavaria for a year.

Klingenberg was a co-founder and from 1996 to 2007 chaired the “Circle of Friends for Father Eckart”, which supported the social work of the minister in Brazil. He came to this task through the Georg Ludwig Rexroth Foundation, for which he was committed “on the side” during his tenure and then as a partner. In the Freundeskreis he saw an expansion of the work of the Rexroth Foundation.

In the IHK Presidium

He was also involved in the Main Franconian economy, among other things in the presidium of the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt and as chairman of its further education committee. In 2004 he received the 1st Class Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. With his wife Ingrid, he had two daughters and a son.

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