Man shoots young dog in Mallorca – prison sentence

A 79-year-old is in Mallorca for animal cruelty to 16 months imprisonment been convicted because he dog shot has. In addition, for three and a half years he may not own any pets or exercise any professions, those related to animals could stand. He also has to take a course on animal welfare.

The incident happened already in March 2018. At that time, the man went with his dog “Messi”, which was only one year and ten months old remote place in the Comuna de Biniamar in Selva municipality. There he tied the shepherd dog of the breed “ca de bestiar” to a metal fence with a rope and shot him his gun in the head.

Investigations pointed to the owner as the perpetrator

The investigations by the Guardia Civil had quickly on the now condemned as the perpetrator interpreted. The animal had a chip, which quickly identified the dog’s owner. He had a gun license. The point of entry of the bullet into the animal’s skull was compatible with the rifle.

The prosecutor stated in his indictment that the defendant at all times “acted with the intention bring about the death of the animal”. During the hearing, the defendant admitted the facts and his direct involvement in the death of his pet.

sentence suspended

The convict will not to jail have to go. In Spain, prison sentences of less than two years are usually suspended if the accused having a clean backround is. /pss


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