MAMAMOO Huiren no longer renews the contract with RBW! But because of the four people’s love for the group, the Huiren group will be extended to approximately 2023! -KSD Korean Star Network (KPOP)

In January of this year, RBW stated that because of a lot of speculative rumors and news, it decided to disclose the MAMAMOO contract renewal.

It was mentioned at that time: “Songle and Minxing completed the renewal on the basis of trust and expectation.” And Huasha also completed the renewal in March this year. On the 9th, Korean media reported that Huiren would not renew the contract. RBW also responded: “It has not been decided yet, and the final discussion is currently underway.”

Today (11th), RBW announced its official position:

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the domestic and foreign MOOMOOs who love MAMAMOO and always give us warm support. The company has renewed the contract with MAMAMOO members Songle, Minxing, and Huasha. In the future, based on the deep trust and trust between each other, we will provide selfless support for the three people in the field of music activities and the realization of their dreams in various fields. support.

Huiren not only had a long discussion with the members and the company, but finally decided not to renew the contract, and the exclusive contract with the company was terminated. The company respects Huiren’s choice very much, and sincerely hopes that Huiren standing on the new starting line will always be happy and lucky. Thanks to Huiren who have been shining together in the past 7 years.

But because the four people’s love for MAMAMOO is always the same, Huiren signed a contract with our company until December 2023. The agreement for the extension of some activities such as making MAMAMOO albums and performing in concerts, just like everyone’s love, MAMAMOO’s concerts will continue, and specific activities will be introduced in the future. MAMAMOO is preparing for the summer concert. In the future journey, he will be the best friends of MOOMOOs and bring good music and activities to everyone.

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(Photo: RBW)

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