“Make the difference between the thugs and the others”

In total, 127 people were arrested administratively while five judicial arrests were made, in particular for armed rebellion, threats and sale of narcotics. About fifteen participants were injured as well as several police officers.

If thugs were present among the many people present, others had come in a completely peaceful spirit. Corinne, a 22-year-old woman from Namur, was one of them. This did not prevent the young woman from being hit by a police officer during the major police intervention. Result: a triple ankle fracture.

► The young woman says: “He shouted at me to get out by hitting me with a baton. He shielded me more ». His full testimony here.

► Noa and Elias, sister and brother, were on the lawns with friends: “They did not go dead hand, they sprayed us with tear gas without warning us. “

► Philippe Close reacts, Georges-Louis Bouchez the tackle, the spokesperson for the Boom delivers his feelings, the nursing staff angry after these events, the young woman hit by a horse during the Boom one returns with a specific intention … Here are all the details in our full report on the events of Boom 2.

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