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Updated on 06/30/2021 11:18 am

Magaly Medina was very surprised to see that the signature of the doctor that endorsed John Kelvin’s toxicological test was a happy face, made in handwriting. In this regard, the redhead driver was shocked to confirm the signature was true.

Dr. Olga Chunga contacted Magaly Medina’s production to confirm that her signature is a happy face and is the same that appears on her ID.

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The popular Urraca said that, at first, it seemed very funny to find this type of fact in an official document, since she had never seen someone sign like this on a DNI.

“The doctor just sent me her ID and that is her signature, even if you don’t believe it from Ripley. I find it funny and laughable, the worse is your signature. The first time in history that I see a DNI where they sign like this. Everything can happen in this world of the Lord ”, she commented, very surprised.

Magaly was shocked: Doctor confirms with her ID that her signature is a happy face


Magaly Medina responded loud and clear to the cumbia singer John Kelvin after this label you in the toxicological test that was done to show that you do not use cocaine, marijuana, or any other drug or drug.

The driver clarified cumbiambero that the only person who has to give explanations is his wife Dalia Durán, since she was the one who denounced him for family violence.

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“What amazes me is that he has published his toxicological test on his social networks, tagging my program and me on Instagram, which I do not understand,” said the host of Magaly La Firme.


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