Madrid: The Municipal Police denounces a man disguised as Batman for not carrying documentation on Gran Vía | Madrid


No one is outside the law, even if they are dedicated to fighting crime every night. Batman, or rather a young man disguised as the comic book hero, was fined yesterday afternoon when he was walking with his car in the middle of Gran Vía. The Municipal Police have stopped him and, by not having his papers in order, he has been fined as it passes through the center of Madrid.

In a video recorded by a citizen and disseminated on social networks, two municipal agents stop a high-end black car, similar to the Batmobile that appears in the comics and on the screen. The vehicle was driven by a man dressed as the fictional character and accompanied by another wearing a black mask and a white cap.

The Police have taken advantage of this event to launch a message through their official Twitter account about the importance of road safety. “Sometimes we have to face all kinds of situations and arm ourselves with patience, even SUPERHEROES must respect the rules. With the # SeguridadVíal, YOU DO NOT PLAY. Denounced, and back to the BATCUEVA 🦇🦇🦇 ”, the security body points out with some joke in its message on social networks.

He has also reported the event the Madrid Municipal Police Association (APMU). “The Municipal Police are always alert in their work, nor #Batman, no matter how in a hurry he may be, can commit infractions and have to comply with the rules like the rest of the citizens of #Madrid.”

The surreal images, recorded by many neighbors who were walking along the Gran Vía, have been shared this Monday afternoon on the networks with a lot of humor.

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