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(Original title: “Lying” becomes the winner, and the domestic mattress leader Mousse shares is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange)

On June 23, the leading domestic mattress company Deuce (001323.SZ) was listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and was recognized by the capital market on the first day. According to data from Dongcai Choice, as of the close of the first day, Deuce shares soared 44% to 56.06, with a total market value of 22.4 billion yuan.

As a well-known brand in my country’s mattress industry, Deuce innovatively created a “tailor-made personal and exclusive healthy sleep system”. With excellent research and development technology, stable product quality and meticulous and thoughtful after-sales service, the “Mousse” brand has gradually occupied the minds of consumers, and has gradually grown into a leading enterprise in my country’s mattress industry, as well as the fastest-growing mattress in the world. one of the companies.

Looking forward to the future, Deuce may continue to benefit from the rapid development of my country’s sleep economy and the continuous improvement of industry concentration. The successful listing this time marks the start of a new journey for Rucci shares.

Remarkable operating performance under the epidemic

Precise positioning of products takes off in the east of the industry

The results are the best proof of the players. According to the prospectus of Mousse shares, from 2019 to 2021, the company’s mattresses and bed frames have maintained substantial growth in terms of production capacity, output and sales. Just taking mattress sales as an example, from 2019 to 2021, the sales were 93.04, 1.1397, and 1.5764 million, respectively. Even in 2021 and 2022 under the epidemic, the sales growth rate was still as high as 22.5% and 38.3%. At a time when e-commerce is in full swing, Deuce’s e-commerce channel revenue has also maintained year-on-year growth, from 436 million yuan in 2019 to 878 million yuan in 2021, with a compound growth rate of 41.9%. Under the epidemic situation, Deuce shares showed good resilience, and its operating performance was remarkable.

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If an enterprise wants to develop rapidly, it becomes a necessary condition to take advantage of the “Dongfeng” of the industry. The top VC, Sequoia Capital, appeared in the list of shareholders of Deuce. Judging from its investments in companies such as Easyhome, Lin’s Wood, and Nuomi Home in recent years, Sequoia Capital is actively deploying comfortable home-related fields. Taking a stake in Deuce shares confirms its optimism about the sleep economy. And the sleep track is indeed full of imagination.

Why is the sleep track so popular? On the one hand, my country is the second largest consumer country in the global mattress industry, and the industry as a whole maintains a rapid growth rate. According to the company’s prospectus, from 2010 to 2020, the average annual compound growth rate of my country’s mattress industry consumption scale is as high as 6.15%. With the continuous improvement of national income and health awareness, the development of my country’s mattress industry has paid more and more attention to the health, environmental protection, diversification and personalized attributes of products, and the mattress industry has a broad space for development; It is significantly lower than developed countries in terms of penetration rate and industry concentration. With its market share ranking first in the domestic mattress industry and its positioning of mid-to-high-end healthy sleep products in line with the industry’s development trend, Deuce is expected to gain momentum and become stronger.

Brand power has been recognized by many parties

Bring customized optimal sleep experience to users

Whether it is market penetration or market development, consumers’ minds are the “high ground” that corporate products must occupy. Consumers’ minds refer to users’ inertial psychological cognition of companies, brands and products, which is equally important for Mousse, which has built a complete matrix of mid-to-high-end and young fashion brands.

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As the influence continues to rise, the company’s brand power has been recognized by many parties. The prospectus shows that Deuce shares have formed a portfolio including “Deuce”, “V6 Home Furnishing”, “Cui Yu (TRECA)”, “Deuce International”, “Sincere” The seven major brands, including Sleep Designs, Mousse Sofa and Mousse Mercure, can comprehensively cover the customized healthy sleep needs of subdivided consumer groups. In addition, “De Rucci” was also selected as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, and the high-quality brand image was further strengthened.

The building of brand image is inseparable from precise and scientific marketing methods. Positioning itself as a promoter and disseminator of healthy sleep culture, Deuce shares every year with large KA stores across the country and other channels to carry out advocacy activities, and successfully created “3.21 World Sleep Day”, “8.18 Deuce Global Sleep Culture Tour”, etc. A “sleep event” that has a positive impact on the development of the industry.

At the same time, the company has also adopted methods such as holding star concerts, sponsoring the Chinese women’s volleyball team, inviting well-known spokespersons, naming the highly popular variety show “The Voice of China”, and strengthening ground advertising investment to increase the frequency of contact with consumers and keep close to the same users. . Through the planning and execution of a series of content marketing, it not only brought performance growth to the company and channel distributors, but also formed a good brand publicity effect nationwide.

Product hard power is the premise and confidence of all brand marketing. With more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of sleep, Deuce has integrated global high-quality sleep resources, hired well-known foreign designers, integrated ergonomics into bedding design, and actively explored the application of new materials such as 3D cotton and space resin balls in household products. At the same time, the company pays attention to the empowerment of cutting-edge technology to the sleep industry. Through the newly developed T10 healthy sleep system, the company’s products can monitor the user’s sleep status, and intelligently match the hardness required by various parts of the human body, bringing users the most customized The best sleep experience.

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In the “post-epidemic” era, with the exploration of new materials and new technologies and the further strengthening of brand recognition, as a leading domestic mattress company, it is expected to further widen the gap with other brands. Relying on its own solid competitive advantages and leveraging on the capital market, Deuce shares will compete on the sleep track, or will “lie down” and become a winner.

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