Lumír z Ulice married: He was 23 years late in marriage!

Now, God forbid, it’s out. “I’m a bridegroom! Introducing my Mrs. Svoboda, “The actor boasted on the social network that the ceremony took place on Saturday. He has not yet revealed more details, but attached wedding photographs, from which it is clear that the bride and groom enjoyed their big day. Love literally bursts of them.

Petr Vacek from Street: Veronica thought I was a pervert about her, that she was a UFOn

“Of course I wish him all the best, both of them,” Aha said! actress Jarka Obermaierová (75), who has been making Václav’s mother a mother in the TV series Ulice for 16 years. But she herself is a great opponent of marriage and she would never want to get married in any case again. The representative Lumír married for the first time on Saturday, but he already has a daughter from one relationship.

A wedding like never before in the Street!


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