Luis Henrique bet causes tensions in the club


In its edition of the day, Provence returns to a regular issue on the side of OM, namely the use of the training center. In a club with now limited means, integrating young people could be the way to strengthen themselves at a lower cost. Except that André Villas-Boas does not really favor this trend.

The regional daily explains that several young people from the club had to wait for this international break to show themselves during a few training sessions. Rather frustrating “because since the start of the season, AVB has never called upon them in competition”, recalls Provence.


Luis Henrique better than the Minots?

And that creates some frustrations, especially because of the last party of the Phocéens in terms of recruitment. The choice to recruit Luis Henrique against a check between 8 and 10 million euros made people cringe. “Many did not understand that the club spends so much for an 18-year-old Brazilian. He had better be good … “warns a club member.

For the moment, with only a few furtive appearances, Luis Henrique has not really reassured his ability to do better than young people trained at the club who are still waiting their turn …

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