Luc Dionne has had enough of press viewings

The show “District 31” resumes the air for its 6th season Monday evening. The prolific author of the series Luc Dionne promises that several intrigues will find an outcome.

“It’s going to move, I’m telling you. We are getting rid of stories that dragged on a bit, ”he confided to Sophie Durocher’s microphone on QUB radio.

With the success of the show, Luc Dionne believes it might be time to review some habits. For example, the author would shelve press viewings of episodes before they are broadcast.

“If it was just from me, there is no one who would see the episodes before,” he pleaded.

“When you go to a hockey game, you don’t know the result until you see the game. Why show that to people? Hoping that journalists will write good papers and that it attracts people. With 1.8 million viewers on average, not sure that we really need journalists to promote this affair, ”insisted Luc Dionne.

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