Lower Saxony: hype soon on prescription? That’s behind it

Hannover. It almost sounds like a pipe dream – are there going to be hype visits and folk festivals soon on prescription? Examinations Lower Saxony show that is not absurd at all.

With the recreational activities, researchers could get off Lower Saxony demonstrate positive effects on mental health.

Lower Saxony: MHH researchers with a clear message

As “Bild” reports, the Hanover Medical School and the Lower Saxony Academy for Health are jointly investigating the healing factors of public festivals. To do this, they fall back on various studies and investigations.

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Initial results already show that folk festivals are well suited to provide positive health factors such as laughter and fun that have been known for a long time. Academy lecturer Andreas Feyerabend explains: “When we laugh, 80 muscles work in the body. The immune system is activated. Patients from psychiatric institutions needed up to 30 percent less medication after attending the fair. “

Lower Saxony: Rides stimulate the body

Visiting folk festivals and other cultural events creates positive emotions. But the characteristics of rides also play a role. “Acceleration like in roller coasters stimulates the body, turning movement calms it down,” says MHH-Prof. Dr. Tillmann Kruger.

We were not allowed to go out and attend events for a long time due to long and recurring lockdowns. It is no secret that the Corona period has also left its psychological traces on people.

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“Worldwide studies show that 30 to 40 percent of people developed mental illnesses during lockdown: anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression.” The positive effects of public festivals could help.

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Lower Saxony: Does politics respond to the researchers’ findings?

The researchers from Lower Saxony now want to approach politics with their findings. Kevin Kratzsch, Vice President of the German Showmen Association, is pleased with the medical professionals’ commitment. He explains to “Bild”: “It is not just felt, but factual evidence shows that we are important, that we have a social mandate. We bring people joy of life! “

Even if not all people are particularly big fans of wild rides, candy floss, roasted almonds and bumper cars put a smile on many people’s faces. (cm)


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