Lotto millionaire does not answer the phone – – News from Ålesund, Sunnmøre and Northwest Norway.


Norsk Tipping’s people called the Giske man both Saturday night and Sunday. Without few answers. But on Monday they finally succeeded. This is how the conversation was:

– You call from Norsk Tipping, yes? Then maybe something nice has happened, then?

– It has. You were one of the winners in Saturday’s Super Draw.

– Well, what amount are we talking about?

– You have won 1 million kroner.

– That’s enough, yes, that sounds good. Very good looking, the man said happily.

He added to the person who called from Norsk Tipping that he must think about before he decides what he wants to use the money for.

– It is not the way one goes and plans for. This is something that only happens to others.

The man won a Lotto coupon he bought at Kiwi Valderøy in August.

Hareid woman also won

Also a woman in her 70s from Hareid won a million kroner on Saturday in Lotto:

Norsk Tipping’s employee says that it was quiet a few seconds after they had called her and told her about the million prize:

– Oh. Is it true? I do not know if I dare to believe this, the woman said. But she was convinced.

– I do not know exactly what to say, but what a pleasant surprise, she added.


The woman won a Lotto coupon that was bought via Spill i kasse at Bunnpris Hareid three months ago – in June.

It was actually before the previous Super Draw, but since it was a 5-week voucher, it was also valid into the period for this Super Draw, Norsk Tipping explains.

In addition, there was a third million winner from Møre og Romsdal, namely a man in his 50s from Hustadvika municipality.

He says that he will use some of the prize money to buy a new bed.


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