Lots of successes and hard-working helpers – the recipe for a long club life.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of SV Untermarchtal, local writer Hermann Illenberger looks back on the eventful history of the club. After the first part on Monday, the second part now follows.

An existing statistic of SVU footballers from the first competitive game on February 8, 1948 to the end of June 1949 shows 45 games. They won 31 games, lost 12 and played a draw twice. This was followed by promotion to the Danube district class in the game year 1949/50. A beautiful championship pennant from the Südwürttemberg-Hohenzollern Football Association is still hanging in the Untermarchtaler Sportheim today. Because of a lack of players, you had to relegate the district class in 1952.

Big bowl is a reminder of great success

From 1954 to 1956 the active footballers were withdrawn and only youth teams played. Then there was a restart in the district class C with the game in Nasgenstadt. The new beginning was difficult. Five former district class players were still there until 1959. Then there was the C-class championship in the 1960/61 game year and thus promotion to the district class B. A first soccer cup tournament was won in Hayingen in 1963. The reward for this, a large bowl, still adorns the cup gallery in the sports center decades later. An AH senior team was founded in 1964 with the director Karl Lock.

In addition to playing football, the athletes were also active. The tradition of drama was carried on by footballers and young women from the 1950s to the 1960s. The venue was the “Deer Hall” or “Good Shepherd” in the monastery hall.

The club’s athletes also stood on the podium at the district sports festival. Hans Aßfalg won the three-way football match, Stefan Bierer won the 3000-meter run, Willi Tripp the 600-meter run and the A-youth Alfons Hilpert won three disciplines: 100-meter run in 12.2 seconds, in the shot put with 9.20 Meters and his favorite discipline, the long jump, with 6.05 meters. At the track and field championships in Südwürttemberg-Hohenzollern in Tailfingen, Stefan Bierer was third in the 5000 meter run and Alfons Hilpert was fourth in the long jump.

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Strong athletes

In 1948, which was so successful in sporting terms, SV Untermarchtal hosted the forest championships. The main route led through the forest stretches near the military cemetery. Therefore, the event permit had to be obtained from the Fürstlich Thurn- und Taxischen Forstamt in Obermarchtal. At various athletics events and track opening competitions as well as forest running championships, the athletes from the youth to the active with excellent placements. At the district gymnastics and sports festival in Ehingen in 1963, SV Untermarchtal was awarded the trophy of District Administrator Dr. Exchanger excellent. The club repeated this award in 1964. In 1965, SV Untermarchtal was again the host of the district forest running championships under the direction of Alfons Roth from the organizer. A “wonderful day”, according to the chronicler Josef Bierer at the time.

Numerous construction work

The athletes and members of SV Untermarchtal planned and worked hard to expand the existing sports facility in the “Dornen” area. The club’s sports center was built between 1973 and 1975 and handed over and inaugurated from July 4th to 7th, 1975 with a festivity. 10,000 hours of voluntary work were done by members and athletes. The club now had its own house for athletes and guests. An air rifle shooting range was built in 1977/78 in the basement of the sports center for the club’s marksmen. From 1993 the darts athletes also set up spaciously in the basement.

In 1977, the planning for the complete renovation and the construction of a sports field including an athletics facility and floodlight system for both fields began. The athletes also contributed around 13,000 hours of their own work. Financial aid for both projects was raised by the municipality, the Württemberg State Sports Association and the association itself.

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During these times, Karl Blersch was the chairman of the association. He was always supported by a well-functioning board of directors. In the years 2000/01, under the chairmanship of Josef Faad, the club ventured into a comprehensive renovation of the sports center and the construction of an equipment shed, which in parts even resembled a new building. Again the association could rely on hard-working helpers. The roof of the sports home has been completely converted from a flat to a gable roof, the changing rooms have been changed, a new sports entrance has been built and the sports home guest room as well as the kitchen, heating and parking spaces have been expanded.

In addition to the expenses for the construction of the sports facilities, there was still time for sports activities. The sporting successes in the 70s and 80s were “golden years”. From 1976 to 1978, the club’s reserve team won three championship titles. The first team also won the championship title in the C-class in the 1977/78 season, and thus the promotion to the B-class was perfect. The SVU C-youth team also became champions of the district relay in 1977/78.

In the 1970s and 1980s, soccer cup tournaments were held annually for the active and youth teams. Since 1979 the association has organized a youth tent camp with the youth leaders and helpers at various locations. The popular autumn and wine festival has been held in the sports center every year since 1980. The club has been holding a well-attended prize binocular tournament since 1992. They were also the host for the club shooting competition. There has been a Christmas party since the association was founded and the popular Rose Monday coffee party since 1976. Every year the club sports festival takes place two days before the summer holidays.

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A successful partnership

In 1992, the Marchtal football club was founded together with the neighboring club SpVgg Obermarchtal. The founding and amalgamation of the footballers was necessary because there were too few footballers in both clubs. The successes with several championships with youth teams and active players of FC Marchtal since 1992 confirms the foundation of the club.

The anniversaries for the 25th (1971), 40th (1986) and 50th anniversary of SV Untermarchtal were duly celebrated, also with collections and a raffle for charitable institutions. The 70-year-old was celebrated on a small scale in 2016. Five former footballers from the founding year 1946 could be welcomed.

Something special: Over the past 25 years, SVU has made its club complex with a sports center available to the Bundesliga clubs VfB Stuttgart (youth football team) and 1. FSV Mainz 05 (2nd team) for multi-day training camps several times over the past 25 years. Great football was featured in test matches.

The latest development in the association resulted in the leasing of the sports center as a restaurant and pizzeria to the Guerrera family. Reason for the lease: As of 2020, the club had too few voluntary hosts for the sports home.

As a conclusion, Hermann Illenberger quotes a proverb that is dedicated to the voluntary work of the association members: “Whoever does his duty in silence without asking for praise and honor ‘can wear a crown for his own glory – invisibly.”

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