Lost Dog Found: Paula Rodriguez Reunited with Her Beloved Pet After Three-Week Ordeal at Atlanta Airport

This is another rather surprising story that we discovered in the columns of the New York Post. A traveler, Paula Rodriguez, finds herself having to take her return plane without her dog Maia who was lost at the Atlanta airport by the airline! Almost three weeks later, this bad dream ended, his dog was found!

Airports are often the scene of stories, each more unusual than the last. Although some make you smile, like this story of discrimination against a foreign pastry by an Irish airline. Others are crazier like this grandmother who made the decision to take her flight leaving her granddaughter behind. For Paula Rodriguez, this resident of the Dominican Republic, her misadventure at the Atlanta airport was quite different.

While on August 18, 2023, the young woman decided to travel to the United States to go to California to spend a vacation there with her dog Maia, she was arrested at Atlanta airport due to a visa failure. valid. A situation that forces Paula to sleep in a detention center before being sent home the next day to Punta Cana. But there is a small problem, pets are not accepted in the center and her little dog Maia is therefore entrusted to the airline Delta which organizes her repatriation the next day.

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Little dog found “near freight facilities”

But against all expectations, when the young woman has to embark for Punta Cana, Maia, her little 6-year-old dog is completely nowhere to be found! For almost two days, Paula Rodriguez received no news from the company; she had no idea what happened and why her dog was not on the plane. Finally an employee of the company contacted her and informed her that her dog had run away. in the middle of the track » without them being able to get it back and the airline offering him 1800 dollars as compensation! An improbable situation that his lawyer even describes as “insulting» from the New York Post.

Nearly three weeks after this whole misadventure, it was finally the Atlanta airport staff who finally found the lost little dog. An announcement made on the social network X by the airport itself: “The ATL operations team found her hiding near the North Cargo facility. Tired, but apparently in good health, she was taken to a veterinarian and is expected to return home soon.» Happy news for Maia’s owner who had never lost hope of finding her animal by calling the company every day for news. It is near theCNNthat she even speaks of the end of a “real nightmare“. A story that ends well !

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