Los Angeles closes its beaches for National Day


By Le Figaro with AFP

Los Angeles County, the main focus of Covid-19 in California, announced Monday that it would temporarily close its beaches next weekend, a public holiday in the United States, to stem an increase in contamination. “Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, all beaches in Los Angeles County will once again be temporarily closed this weekend, July 3-6”County official Janice Hahn wrote on Twitter.

“We have had almost 3,000 cases today alone. We cannot take the risk of having crowds at the beach during this bank holiday weekend ”, which coincides with July 4, America’s national holiday, she adds. The county recorded more than 2,900 new infections on Monday, a record since the start of the pandemic in the United States. In total, more than 100,000 cases have been identified in Los Angeles County.

1 in 2 restaurants do not apply the instructions

The beaches had remained closed for weeks at the height of the epidemic but had gradually reopened in recent weeks. Wearing a mask, however compulsory in public places, was relatively little respected in some of them, with sometimes nearly one in two people walking around with their faces uncovered, noted an AFP journalist.

On Sunday, the governor of California ordered bars in Los Angeles and six other counties in that state to close because of the resumption of contamination. According to Los Angeles County health officials, inspections conducted last week showed that 49% of bars and 33% of restaurants (which are not affected by the closure) are not enforcing social distancing guidelines. In addition, 54% of inspected bar workers and 44% of restaurant workers were not wearing a mask or visor as required by law.


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