Lörrach: Civil engineering and sewer rehabilitation Hünerbergweg in Lörrach – preparatory work is ongoing and includes six point construction sites

The preparatory work for the sewer renovation on Hünerbergweg has been running since March 24, 2020 and includes six point construction sites.

Civil engineering work is required for the planned sewer rehabilitation using the robot method, which must be implemented in advance.

These are measures that serve to preserve the sewer and at the same time guarantee the structural boundary conditions for the trenchless process of sewer rehabilitation. Work on the canal is made more difficult by existing supply lines, such as the main supply line for drinking water supply, some of which are in the immediate vicinity of the public canal. This was closely coordinated with the bn network, which operates the water supply on behalf of the city of Lörrach. The preparatory work is expected to continue until the end of August. The trenchless sewer rehabilitation is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

The measure is largely implemented with half-sided closures. Occasional full closures are only considered over a period of a few days. The project management will inform the affected residents in advance.

In the first construction phase in Hünerbergweg, the in-house sewage disposal company Lörrach invests around 625,000 euros for the pipe renovation. The further construction phases in the area will follow in the next few years. “An intact infrastructure is very important to us,” says the head of in-house operation Robert Schäfer. “Ultimately, however, this is also an important investment in groundwater and health protection.”

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