Loredana Bertè, the schedule of 2022 concerts: all the songs

Loredana Bertè has kicked off the new concerts of the 2022 tour: all the songs of the most loved rocker in Italy.

With a small moment of great emotion began the summer tour by Loredana Bertè in this 2022. The singer, now a living legend of our music, as well as one of the most beloved characters on our TV, waiting to return to judge some lesser-known artists at The Voice Senior, kicked off its summer tour. A tour started with a viral video of a meeting on the train with a fan, but ready to continue with more tears and more emotion, but this time only in his concerts.

Loredana Bertè on tour in 2022

After being a great protagonist of a spring tour, on August 4th from Roseto degli Abruzzione of the most popular seaside resorts on the Adriatic, Loredana has kicked off the summer leg of her tour.

Loredana Bertè

However, there are still many dates between August and September. Here is the complete calendar:

– 7 August al Golfo degli Aranci (Sassari)
– 12 August a Noto (Syracuse)
– 19 August ad Anagni (Frosinone)
– 24 August a Reggio Calabria
– 27 August a Lamezia Terme (Catanzaro)
– 6 September a Prato
– 13 September a Reggio Emilia
– September 16 a They launch (Chieti)

The lineup of concerts by Loredana Bertè

We do not yet know the lineup of the summer concerts of the Calabrian artist, who boasts a repertoire so vast to be able to change songs from live to live. In all likelihood, however, his summer shows shouldn’t vary too much from what we heard last spring. Here is a possible one ladder:

– Dark Lady
– I don’t have any friends
– The sea in winter
– I’m not telling you no
– Lacrime in limousine
– What do you expect from me
– Those like
– Medley Brazil, Petala, Jazz, Iris, Clandestine Band
– Movie
– Luna
– A thirty-year-old car
– I’ve stopped keeping quiet
– Lost in the supermarket
– I’m running out of wind
– Mother metropolis
– Who does not die sees himself
– Dedicated
– I’m not a lady
– You are very beautiful
– Bollywood
– Daughter of..,
– Ninna Nanna
– And the moon knocked
– On the high seas

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