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Let the romantic line of coastal tourism “Meganet”

The Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau Inspector Brigade organized a “look back” to prevent the resurgence of mobile vendors

Urban management law enforcement officers carry out civilized business propaganda at temporary booths.Photo by reporter Bai Binbin

Every night, the urban management team will carry out routine inspections with the staff of the property unit.Photo by reporter Bai Binbin

Xiamen Net News (Haixi Morning News reporter Lei Yu correspondent Chen Junfang) The coastal tourism romantic line has become one of the symbols of Xiamen’s “high value”. Walking along this “rainbow ribbon”, you can see the coast, beaches, mangroves, The park complements each other interestingly; citizens and friends come here to camp, exercise, relax, and indulge in the ecological beauty of the sea and the sky.

However, there was a time when night fell, and there were many vendors on the beach of the romantic line of coastal tourism. While they brought convenience to citizens and tourists, they also brought some problems.

Wang Jian, Deputy Squadron Leader of the Third Squadron of the Inspectorate Brigade of the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau, introduced that the city and district urban management departments attach great importance to these problems and have carried out joint rectification operations since July this year. After nearly 3 months of hard work, how effective is the action? Last night, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau Inspector Brigade once again organized a “look back” on the city appearance of the coastal tourism romantic line.

look back

Coastal Travel Romance LineReproduce “Magazine”

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At about 19:30 on September 27, the reporter followed the city law enforcement bureau’s inspector brigade and arrived at the Tongan Houtian section of the coastal tourism romantic line. In the evening, many people have come here to relax. The reporter noticed that on the periphery of the romantic line, the stalls were very lively; inside the romantic line, some people walked their babies, some people ran, some people took pictures, it was quiet and leisurely, and there were no mobile vendors.

“This place has changed so much!” Citizen Xiao Liu told reporters that she often came here for jogging. “In the past, there were always vendors who liked to sell things here. The figure of the street vendors, the garbage is also a lot less.

Indeed, it used to be a gathering place for itinerant vendors. According to Ye Wei, the squadron leader of the Bincheng Squadron of Tongan District Urban Management Bureau, during the peak period, there are nearly 100 stalls here only for hoop entertainment. In addition, there are also stalls for renting ATVs, selling beach toys, electric bumper cars, and selling drinks. “Beach Carnival” “It will even last into the second half of the night. In addition, there are uncivilized behaviors such as citizens not tying their dogs on a leash and not cleaning up dog excrement.

cure chronic disease

less mobile vendors The civilized quality of citizens has been improved

The coastal tourist romantic line is only 15 kilometers long in Tong’an section, and all are open. “How to eliminate mobile vendors?” This is a severe test for the management unit. The urban management and law enforcement departments at the two levels of the city jointly discussed the establishment of a normalized management mechanism and worked hard to solve this chronic problem of urban management. The inspection team of the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau thoroughly implemented the requirements for the creation of a civilized model city, and carried out special point-point inspections for the rectification of coastal tourism romantic line problems in combination with the “periodic cluster battles and normal small rectifications” of city appearance and city appearance.

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Since July this year, Tong’an District has stepped up efforts to rectify the coastal tourism romantic line. Ye Wei introduced that they adhere to the mechanism of combining fixed-point duty and mobile patrols. Every day, 10 members of the squadron patrol until late at night; at the same time, they cooperate with “friendly” units, such as Pantu Police Station, Jinhai Community, and Huandong Cultural Tourism. Personnel from the unit, Haicang Urban Construction and other units joined in, achieving “an average of 2.5 inspectors per kilometer”, and persuading and correcting problems in a timely manner, and reporting in the rectification WeChat group if they could not be handled. After months of rectification, the number of mobile vendors has gradually decreased.

“The mobile vendors have no holes to drill, so naturally they won’t come.” Ye Wei said that at the beginning, at the junction of Tong’an and Jimei on the romantic line, vendors would take chances and go to the Jimei jurisdiction to “temporarily avoid” as soon as they were rectified; With the establishment of a joint management mechanism between the squadron and the squadron in the Jimei area, such phenomena basically disappeared.

In the process, the squadron also stepped up its persuasion against uncivilized behavior. “As long as we see behaviors such as unleashing the dog, we will conduct persuasion education. Under the management model that combines rigid law enforcement and flexible persuasion, citizens have developed a civilized habit.” Ye Wei said.

build mechanism

Using the combination of dredging and blocking to form normalized management

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“Thank you so much!” In the literary and artistic style market of the Binhai Tourism Romantic Line, the stall owners on the stalls expressed their gratitude to the urban management team members who came to inspect.

Combined with the actual needs, the Coastal Tourism Romance Line adopts a combination of dredging and blocking to “introduce stalls into the market” for some mobile vendors, which solves the livelihood problem of some vendors.

In addition, many supporting facilities have been added along the Romantic Line, such as adding vending machines, planning markets, camping sites, etc., to meet the leisure needs of different citizens, making the Romantic Line both clean and tidy, and full of popularity.

It is worth mentioning that, with the arrival of the “November” small and long holiday, in order to prevent the resurgence of mobile vendors, the coastal tourism romance line will establish a more sound and normalized management mechanism.

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