Lomepal announces “ghost concerts”, fans investigate

CONCERT – Rapper, skater…ghost? Back after three years of absence with his album wrong order, the singer Lomepal thrills his fans with a “ghost tour”. The interpreter of Palpal indeed began to give concerts but without really promoting it, as you can see in the video at the top of the article.

Enough to give cold sweats to those who try to obtain information and for whom Lomepal has planned a real treasure hunt.

Many have noticed that the singer, who was first seen at “La Boule Noire” in Paris on September 17, had left a comment the day before in the “google reviews” section of the venue. ” Hyper desire to play in this room all of a sudden without warning he had commented.

The next day, it was still in Paris that the now wanted rapper was seen during his concert at “La Maroquinerie”. There too he had left a Google notice but a little more difficult to decipher: “ we celebrated the release of flip here on 06/30/17 I didn’t have a review but it was crazy, I recommende ».

Then he disappeared for two days and reappeared in Belgium for a concert at “L’Orangerie du Jardin Botanique” in Brussels. Lomepal used the same modus operandi by leaving a Google review, shorter this time: “ is it closed here? ».

Fortunately for fans who are struggling to keep track, a surfer has launched a website and a Twitter account to list Lomepal’s announcements. According to his predictions, the rapper will be in Lyon on September 24.

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For the less fortunate fans, Lomepal has still planned a Zéniths tour from February 10, 2023 in Amiens, some dates are already complete.

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