Lolita and Dima Bilan refused to cancel concerts due to partial mobilization

Artists make statements explaining why concerts are not canceled during the period of partial mobilization. Earlier, Stas Mikhailov refused to speak, noting that everyone is going through hard times.

Unlike her colleague, Lolita Milyavskaya takes a different position. The artist, after performing in Ivanovo, promised the fans not to cancel the concerts and decided to continue the tour in Russia.

Lolita recorded a video message and stated that she hates panic.

I will not cancel a single concert if there is no state will … Therefore, in this case, excuse me, I consider myself liable for military service. And I am obliged to do the work that psychotherapists do not do, says Lolita.

The artist noted that due to the prevailing conditions, the psyche of people has shaken and now everyone needs support. Therefore, she will continue to speak, and encouraged colleagues to join her.

I agree with Lolita and Dima Bilan. He considers it wrong to leave fans without “the energy that helps to build and live.” Money, at least part of it, Bilan promised to give to orphanages, shelters and those in need.

I won’t cancel concerts because it’s not fair! To leave you without this energy, which helps to build and live. I am here, where they are waiting for me, – Dima Bilan emphasized.

Dima Bilan added that thoughts can overcome any “illness”, so people need to sing “whatever your heart desires.”

As the portal 2× wrote earlier, in the summer Lolita came under a flurry of criticism due to advertising a concert in the Crimea. The media noted that the singer had to delete comments. Lolita also reminded her that she should not be accused of betraying the Motherland – Ukraine itself had long ago recorded her as a traitor.

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