Liz Hernández defends animal welfare, announces the First Animal Protection Festival in Los Reyes Michoacán

Announcement 620/2022

-Sterilizations, adoptions, conferences on animal protection and artistic activities

Morelia, Michigan, October 4, 2022.- This morning, within the framework of World Animal Day, Local Deputy Liz Hernández, at a press conference held at the State Congress, announced the First Regional Animal Protection Festival, which is dated on Friday, October 21 and Saturday, October 22 of this year, in the Municipality of Los Reyes. Testifying at the event were Deputy Daniela de los Santos Torres, Arcadio Rodríguez Aguilar, president of the organizing committee of the Animal Protection Festival, Dr. Norma Avilés Torres, director of the UMSH medical school, and teacher Isabel Barajas Aguilar, rescuer. from the “Una familia de pelos” shelter in Peribán, Santiago Juárez Vega, representative of the “Huellitas” shelter.

He mentioned the activities that will take place at the festival, such as sterilizations, adoptions, conferences on animal protection and artistic activities, in order to improve the quality of life of animals.

Deputy Liz, emphasized in informing citizens of the state laws that protect animals, in the same way, the sanctions due to animal abuse and cruelty.

“Having a pet is not just feeding it, providing it with water and a place to sleep, caring for an animal is covering all its nutritional and emotional needs, spending time with it, playing, providing it with exercise, security and a lot of love,” assured the legislator, according to to what is dictated by the Law of Rights, Welfare and Protection of Animals and remembered to comply with and improve this law.

Finally, the president of the Organizing Committee was recognized for promoting the Animal Protection Festival, such a fundamental event for the benefit of animals.

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