Live music promoters rule out pilot tests in Menorca this summer

Live music promoters they do not start organizing and requesting permits from the Government to carry out pilot tests like those that have been carried out this Friday and Saturday in Mallorca and Eivissa. The organization of these mass events, with strict health protocols, for example, carrying out antigen tests to all attendees, is very complex, they allege, and on the island it is not usual to fill a space with five thousand people, the capacity maximum expected at the Sidonie concert in Calvià, within the Mallorca Live Festival. This is one of the pilot tests of massive concerts authorized by the Government and in which the health protocols will be put to the test, because people will be able to stand up and without a safety distance, although with a mask.

“Here the procedures for the tribute to Queen in 2019 were complicated, which brought together more than nine thousand people, and that before the covid-19, imagine now,” explains Jaume Pons, president of the Banda des Migjorn, who affirms what consider a pilot test of these characteristics «is out of our reachWe are a non-profit association with a small board of directors. At the moment the band has symphonic concerts planned for July, in which the public remains seated a meter and a half apart and the units of cohabitants are allowed to be together.

Other live music promoters also claim to be waitingThey will follow the development of the tests on the other islands with great interest and, at the same time, they trust that the pandemic will continue to decline and that they will be able to resume the activity as before, standing, dancing or perhaps with a mixed format. “We would like, if possible, but right now it is easier to manage everything with the existing measures, we do not want to suffer as much with the uncertainty and changes as last year”, says Dani Herbera, promoter of the Cranc Festival in EsClaustre. This event is scheduled for September and has already stopped selling tickets because its maximum capacity will be 300 people and it is fully booked. “We planned to carry out a pilot test four or five months ago but it has an economic cost, and as things are evolving, perhaps a mixed format can be done in September,” he explains. Time is running in your favor, also for the Menorca Music Festival, which will be held from August 6 to 8 at the Es Mercadal fairgrounds after being postponed in 2020.

“We are optimistic, it may be that in August, if all goes well, we can have something similar to what there was before the covid,” says Maurici Alfaras, promoter of the event. “Culture has always been safe if things are done well, that all the necessary tests are done, people have to see that it is safe, our festival is in August, we are informed and waiting,” he asserts. At the moment, it is organized with the security measures in force.

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For his part, the musician Shanti Gordi believes that “it is very beneficial for us to organize this type of pilot tests and that they work, we need to return to mass events, we will not be able to subsist with performances of 300 people.” Another upcoming event, this Saturday, is the Grahame Pearce Fest, organized by the Sant Climent brewery and the Molí de Foc restaurant. It will be on the soccer field, “an event for up to 500 people,” says Roger Vila, festival director, with all the security measures, distances, tables and, for the moment, without dancing standing up.


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