Live coronavirus updates: a fourth more moderate


In North Carolina, the governor vetoed lawmakers’ efforts to reopen skating rinks, bowling alleys and amusement parks. In Alaska, new working groups are emerging, social distance is declining and contact tracers are outdated. And in Kansas, heads of state and local people argue over whether masks are necessary.

“In the beginning, people who tested positive usually had a short list of close contacts,” said Dr. Joe McLaughlin, Alaska state epidemiologist, in a statement. “Now, as people mix more with others, it is not uncommon for a person who tests positive to have had dozens of close contacts, sometimes too many to name and name.”

The struggles in these three states, all of which established case files on a single day on Friday, illustrate the challenges facing officials across the country as cases increase. Unlike the first peak in March and April, when most places were locked out, the number of cases is now exploding after that many Americans returned to their routines and became frustrated with the restrictions.

In Kansas, where more than 780 cases were announced on Friday, residents have heard mixed messages from their leaders. This week, Governor Laura Kelly, a Democrat, ordered residents to wear masks in public. Sedgwick County commissioners, which includes Wichita, then voted to make the mandate for Ms. Kelly’s mask a recommendation, not a requirement. But on Friday, the Wichita city council met in a special meeting and approved a mask mandate, taking effect immediately, with the possibility of fines for those who refuse.

“We have a chance to avoid another closure, to ensure that our children have school and to protect people,” Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple said on Twitter after approving the mask rule. city.

A similar boost was seen in North Carolina, where the Republican-controlled legislature passed bills that would have reduced trade restrictions promulgated by Democrat Governor Roy Cooper. But Mr. Cooper intervened and vetoed the measures, which means that skating rinks and bowling alleys, as well as other businesses, must remain closed.

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