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[The Epoch Times, December 02, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Chen Benying) Ai Wei handed over a beautiful report card in 2022. In addition to her outstanding performance in the program “All-Star Games”, she has been full of work recently. Over the past year, the event has received more than 40 performances, and there are constant invitations from all parties. Whether it is the end of the company or the campus concert, they enthusiastically designate and hope to invite Ivy. They have given the highest encouragement to Ivy’s LIVE strength with support!

In order to thank everyone for their love, Ivy often rushes to three events a day, and she said excitedly: “Thank you for the thoughtful arrangements of the various organizers, so that I can seamlessly integrate and smoothly bring you wonderful performances.” In order to let more people see her performance, even though Ai Wei is often exhausted, she is willing to do so and never complains of being tired.”

Ai Wei participated in the 2000-person concert of Ping University of Science and Technology. (Provided by Magpie Entertainment)

Ivy, who became famous with the song “Happiness Before Weightlessness”, has already had tens of millions of clicks and listens on YouTube. She is not only the designated candidate for enterprises and campus enthusiasm, but also the signature song that manufacturers love and hand-picked. Ivy is moving The unique singing style can make the audience feel the most direct LIVE enjoyment.

Ivy, who has been with everyone on stage for the New Year for several consecutive years, also announced today that she will definitely spend the 2023 New Year’s Eve with everyone on the stage. In order to prepare for the new album and the New Year’s Eve performance, she is very busy, and specially coordinates the time to rehearse the New Year’s dance, and predicts that the New Year’s playlist will definitely satisfy everyone. When asked about the new year’s new hope, she said with a smile: “I really hope to have a concert that belongs to me and the fans. I can’t wait to sing for everyone.”

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Ai Wei was designated as the company’s campus singing enthusiasm at the end of the year. (Provided by Magpie Entertainment)

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