List of 42 Songs that KPI Banned from Playing on Radio, Bruno Mars to Max feat Suga


JAKARTA Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) forbid 42 songs played on all Indonesian radios before 22.00 WIB because it was rough and immoral . The ban was officially issued through a circular letter.

The Commissioner of the Central KPI, Mimah Susanti, explained that the 42 songs in English must go through a repair process if they are to be played on the radio. This is because the lyrics are considered not in accordance with the norms in Indonesia for the younger generation to listen to.

“Even if the song wants to be broadcast or played, it must have an edited version of the lyrics that must be broadcast,” said Mimah Susanti, Monday, (28/6).

“There are still a lot of lyrics with rough content, they have been edited so that later they are heard, there are no more words and they sound better,” he added.

Mimah also explained the reason KPI forbade the 42 songs to be played. The existence of this restriction is also in line with the Broadcasting Law which was revealed in the Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Broadcasting Program Standards (P3SPS).

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“In principle, if the lyrics are harsh, especially when it’s obscene, sexuality, that’s clear, you can’t edit anything. This is basically a limitation,” explained Mimah.


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