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  • ☆The ruins of the collapsed building in Florida exploded in flames, 9 dead, 156 missing, rescued, slim 91
  • ☆Henan issued urgent notices to all off-campus training institutions to close down (Photos) 24
  • ☆What is the signal for the founder of the tens of billions of lo-mei giants to cash out and emigrate abroad? (Photos) 35
  • ☆Do not face recognition when girls are naked, and everyone can see them all (Photos) 21
  • ☆Students in Dongguan were infected with the secretion of the infection and passed through the patient’s table (Photos) 35
  • ☆ “Mcafee” widow speaks: her husband will never commit suicide, he died of American politics 33
  • ☆A foreigner asks for directions, the uncle of the driving school security guard answers fluently in English (Photos) 37
  • ☆After reading the real deposits of 30-year-old people in 31 provinces of China, I took a breath (Photos) 24
  • ☆The British Minister of Health wants to live with “True Love” after his derailment and resignation (Photos) 8
  • ☆I finally waited until the University of Tokyo admissions book when my brother re-reading. It turned out to be fucking.. 37
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    • Express! The Pentagon: Biden once again ordered U.S. military air strikes on Iraq and Syria!-Global Network / The Paper (6542 bytes)- 06/27/21 (51291 reads) 45
    • Chen Wangdao, the first Chinese translator of the “Communist Manifesto”: The taste of truth is very sweet-Crime Squad No. 37 (29096 bytes)- 06/27/21 (14828 reads) 26
    • Shi Yinhong: U.S. anti-China allies are divided into four rows but only “a few meters” apart-Duowei News (6877 bytes)- 06/27/21 (25695 reads) 21
    • Asian woman was shot dead on the street in a shooting case in the Chinese district of the United States-Chinese Life Network (2205 bytes)- 06/27/21 (37300 reads) 13
    • Here comes the picture! The Beijing traffic forecast for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China is released-Beijing Daily (5532 bytes)- 06/27/21 (18071 reads) 25
    • US media: China becomes “the world’s top cyber threat” US-China cyber war begins-Voice of America (10137 bytes)- 06/27/21 (17204 reads) 29
    • Police report: 2 Moroccans arrested for beating, insulting and insulting Chinese characters fabricated-Chengdu Public Security (1350 bytes)- 06/27/21 (26729 reads) 35
    • Husband and Wife turned around to get a certificate with someone else to buy a house and get a fake divorce (Photos)-Seeking Love (12995 bytes)- 06/27/21 (28793 reads) 11
    • Zhang Lan live broadcast refused to respond to Wang Xiaofei’s big S marriage change: not occupying public resources (picture)-Netease Entertainment (4306 bytes)- 06/27/21 (14953 reads) 7
    • The dark side! A 9-year-old white girl reprimanded the school board for “dark life” and became popular all over the net-Chinese Life Network (8439 bytes)- 06/27/21 (42207 reads) 27
    • A large number of videos of the indecent incident of the mother and daughter in Changsha leaked out the truth and ruined the three views (Photos)-Eating melons without spitting out grape skins (5948 bytes)- 06/27/21 (85930 reads) 37
    • Lu Media: These three countries suddenly realized that the United States is digging a big hole for them! (Photos)-Zhanhao (8384 bytes)- 06/27/21 (43115 reads) 18
    • “The most outrageous apartment” rushed to the hot search! It’s time to test your strength… (Picture)-Shanghai News Broadcast (6531 bytes)- 06/27/21 (27746 reads) 4
    • ·Tianxing VPN Fast, Stable and Safe (1548 bytes)- 06/27/21 (25322 reads)
    • The four mayors of Chongqing are in the same frame: “The mayor is alive and the secretary caught two” (Photos)-Duowei News (4141 bytes)- 06/27/21 (29321 reads) 11
    • India not only has the Shaolin Temple, but also competes for “orthodox” (Photos)-Game Research Agency (12120 bytes)- 06/27/21 (20939 reads) 5
    • Lu Media: Back to No. 1 in the world! Huawei is getting more and more frustrated and reaching new heights again-Computer News (4526 bytes)- 06/27/21 (41402 reads) 25
    • The U.S. women’s volleyball team wins the championship with 7.68 million bonus points, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team faces problems (Photos)-Glory Express (4254 bytes)- 06/27/21 (43261 reads) 12
    • The plane suddenly turned around, just waiting for one person…Airline: the first time in 20 years-Hangzhou Daily (7403 bytes)- 06/27/21 (38727 reads) 15
    • U.S. guided missile destroyer docked in Odessa, Ukraine, to participate in Black Sea exercises-CCTV News/Xinhua News Agency (2509 bytes)- 06/27/21 (18693 reads) 12
    • When more people no longer claim to be the second element, the second element is quietly growing (Picture)-Intelligence Ji (18678 bytes)- 06/27/21 (15141 reads)
    • Taiwanese media: The liveliness of the Red Song Contest actually confuses a dog (picture)-Liberty Times (1369 bytes)- 06/27/21 (33906 reads) 42
    • Is the renminbi printed by labor reform? The super state-owned enterprise hidden behind the renminbi!-Da You Yuan (9852 bytes)- 06/27/21 (24260 reads) 20
    • A young Japanese woman designed a pair of scary panties just to prevent her husband from cheating! ? -Addiction Factory (3315 bytes)- 06/27/21 (48515 reads) 9
    • Why do Canadian refugees sleep on the streets to double the number of refugees?-North America Report (5534 bytes)- 06/27/21 (23210 reads) 22
    • Giants from all walks of life pour into commercial space travel to stage the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” (Picture)-Science and Technology Daily (6246 bytes)- 06/27/21 (13255 reads) 1
    • Dad and daughter incest and give birth to son, mother agrees to divorce and let grandson have a father (Picture)-Hong Kong 01 (1181 bytes)- 06/27/21 (52994 reads) 19
    • The Prime Minister of Ireland sends a letter to Xi Jinping congratulating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China-Chinese Embassy in Ireland/Xinhuanet (5809 bytes)- 06/27/21 (21872 reads) 21
    • Zhang Changning’s wedding room exposes luxury villa decoration and suspects that a wedding will be held soon-Sports Times News (3754 bytes)- 06/27/21 (27595 reads) 5
    • British prisoners “smuggling” sex workers back to prison to fight fiercely and share indecent photos-United News Network (1484 bytes)- 06/27/21 (32870 reads) 7
    • An Italian Chinese man died after being infected with the new crown. How many people were infected after being vaccinated?-New European Overseas News (16899 bytes)- 06/27/21 (23931 reads) 5
    • The most poisonous plant in North America is raging in this place in the United States! Please take a detour if you see it-North America Money Express (4997 bytes)- 06/27/21 (38502 reads) 1
    • ·My world, the heroes contend for hegemony, the three kingdoms stand together, click here to enter the (2729 bytes)- 06/27/21 (25137 reads)
    • “Company executive” let the female accountant transfer 2 million yuan to the truth exposed (Picture)-Sanli News Network (1714 bytes)- 06/27/21 (25693 reads) 4
    • Japan: India and other 6 countries need to submit a new crown test certificate 7 days before the arrival date-NHK (1992 bytes)- 06/27/21 (17274 reads) 13
    • 9 dead, 156 missing and rescued in the ruins of the collapsed building in Florida, the rescue is slim-BBC/ (16302 bytes)- 06/27/21 (94778 reads) 91
    • Many places in Henan issued emergency notices to close all off-campus training institutions (Photos)-Henan Business Daily (10485 bytes)- 06/27/21 (62248 reads) 24
    • Stallone in the insect world! The Chinese Academy of Sciences is shocked by the beetle’s body muscles 100 million years ago (photo)-Modern Express (2131 bytes)- 06/27/21 (70264 reads) 9
    • Taiwanese media: After the text prison came to Hong Kong Apple, another Hong Kong media was rectified (photo)-Central News Agency (3308 bytes)- 06/27/21 (49241 reads) 94
    • What is the signal for the founder of the tens of billions of lo-mei giants to cash out and emigrate abroad? (Photos)-China Securities News/Cover News (10567 bytes)- 06/27/21 (96316 reads) 35
    • A breakthrough! The disease may be cured at one time! The results of the human gene editing test announced-Daily Business News (8601 bytes)- 06/27/21 (50005 reads) 19
    • Please do not face recognition when girls are naked and everyone can see all of them (Photos)-Magic City (9227 bytes)- 06/27/21 (95759 reads) 21
    • British defense secret documents were picked up by passers-by at the bus station and investigated by the authorities (photo)-Voice of America (2772 bytes)- 06/27/21 (28590 reads) 7
    • Extremely heavy rain storms south of Wuhan and has to fight the flood again? The north needs to be more vigilant (picture)-China Meteorological Enthusiast/Radio Free Asia (4045 bytes)- 06/27/21 (41260 reads) 30
    • The bitter facts of Taiwan’s fight against the epidemic: the volume of cremation soared by 60% of returning passengers sneaking home-Phoenix Net / Strait Shinkansen (27649 bytes)- 06/27/21 (30046 reads) 35
    • It’s hard to remember a star in the port: Chen Huishan, a teacher at a postgraduate degree, Nicholas Tse’s ex-girlfriend sells goods 06/27/21 (60925 reads) 18
    • Take a look! The 2 Euro coin in your hand may be worth thousands of Euros (Photos)-China Street (2950 bytes)- 06/27/21 (50465 reads) 7
    • Foreign media: Chinese people’s preference has changed to local brand “overtaking on corners” (Photos)-Financial Times (3470 bytes)- 06/27/21 (44734 reads) 32
    • Dongguan students were infected with the virus and revealed the secret of the infection after passing through the patient’s table (Photos)-Dongguan Health Bureau (12114 bytes)- 06/27/21 (40738 reads) 35
    • “Mcafee” widow said: Husband will never commit suicide, he died of American politics-Reuters (2140 bytes)- 06/27/21 (43594 reads) 33
    • The man received 16 “weird” calls after his grandparents collapsed and disappeared in Florida-New York Post (1722 bytes)- 06/27/21 (37536 reads) 10
    • The new car of the female car owner was sold for 1,600 kilometers: you have to pay me if I drive-Henan Business Daily (9233 bytes)- 06/27/21 (47193 reads) 14
    • The woman soaks her feet in a driving battery car. The person: It’s too hot (Photos)-First Financial News (2197 bytes)- 06/27/21 (39341 reads) 15
    • When a foreigner asks for directions, the security guard of the driving school answers fluently in English (Photos)-Check out the news (947 bytes)- 06/27/21 (41986 reads) 37
    • Exposing the chaos in China’s live broadcast industry: I participated in one-third of thousands of live broadcasts and sold fakes-Leopard Change (12889 bytes)- 06/27/21 (22368 reads) 18
    • Huang Zongze is now actually acting as a supporting role for younger generations, hot searches due to heatstroke in filming (Photos)-Le Feng Movie (10609 bytes)- 06/27/21 (41777 reads) 7
    • The epidemic spurs orders to return to China, but rising freight rates and exchange rate fluctuations erode costs-Daily Economic News (9301 bytes)- 06/27/21 (22006 reads) 7
    • The basic living expenses of Singapore VS Beijing are really high! (Photos)-Singapore Eye (2209 bytes)- 06/27/21 (35181 reads) 21
    • After reading the real deposits of 30-year-old people in 31 provinces of China, I breathed a sigh of relief (Photos)-Wucai (11512 bytes)- 06/27/21 (60429 reads) 24
    • Ren Dahua’s 16-year-old daughter took a blockbuster. She was 1.8 meters tall and her long legs were too superior (Photos)-Supermodel Fashion Agency (3681 bytes)- 06/27/21 (52243 reads) 8
    • “Weird” high temperature swept North America, the hottest day in a century, breaking records (Photos)-21 Caiwenhui/US Chinese Network (14707 bytes)- 06/27/21 (33462 reads) 15
    • The Indian variants are raging across the world and the CDC across the United States begs the public to do so (picture)-CNN/Voice of America (5333 bytes)- 06/27/21 (36514 reads) 6
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