Lindlar: Overview of bands and concerts at Klangräume 2022

Lindlar –

11 bands in seven pubs: next Saturday, September 24th, the center of Lindlar will be transformed into one large concert hall that offers space for almost all styles from hand-made punk rock to your own compositions on the Hammond organ. The “Lindlarer Klangräume” are returning.

For the eleventh time, the Förderverein für Musik set the stage for a musical pub night in the middle of Lindlar. The format starts at the same time at all locations – at 9 p.m. the musicians will pick up their instruments for the first performances.

Admission to all concerts is free, emphasizes Niklas Pinner, chairman of the association, who is also looking forward to an evening full of diversity and musical quality.

Two bands have canceled their originally planned performances due to illness. The organizers are working on replacements. We have adjusted this in the following overview, the article will be updated continuously.

“Kaufhaus Dahl” and “New Rogues” in Biesenbach

The Biesenbach restaurant, for example, starts the night with musical memories of the Neue Deutsche Welle period and the band “Kaufhaus Dahl”, made up of musicians from Cologne and Waldbröl. From 11 p.m. the stage belongs to the “New Rogues” from the cathedral city, who, with Marcus Ditger, who was born in Lindlar, on bass guitar, dig a little deeper into music history and rely on rhythm and blues of the 1960s.

Music by “Hugoonion”. (archive image)

“Latin Greek” in the youth center

Classic rock from Led Zeppelin to the Red Hot Chili Peppers has its performances in the youth center on Pollerhofstraße. This is where the local heroes of “Latin Greek” promise fans of hard guitar riffs the ideal concert venue. Originally, the “Smarslies” should have performed in the youth center on Pollerhofstraße.

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“Hugoonion” in “Bachs and Binas”

If you like it quieter, “Bachs und Binas” on the church square is the right place for you. Funk and jazz from Drolshagen open the night here with the combo “Hugoonion”. The second performance of the evening with the group “Close-up” at Bachs und Binas was also cancelled.

“Lost Pearls” and “Activity” in the “Lindenhof”
In the “Lindenhof” on the main street, the “Lost Pearls” will present a mixture of rock and soul from 9 p.m., two hours later “Tatendrang” will take over with German-language rock to raise the mood even further.

“The Rock Masters” with Marie Pannier in the old office building

In the “Altes Amtshaus” there are catchy tunes from the past four decades – the band “The Rock Masters” from the Rhein-Sieg district with frontwoman Marie Pannier is responsible for this.

“Rambling Men” with southern blues by Matt

Male voices and a lot of southern atmosphere bring the “Rambling Men” to the bistro “Et Matt” with many classics from the blues-rock genre.

“Supernatural” and “Odd and Even” at Brauhaus 2T

In Brauhaus 2T on Bismarckstrasse, the stage belongs to the Engelskirchen musicians from “Supernatural” and later to the jazz quartet “Odd and Even” from Wipperfürth, well known in the scene.

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