Lindemann will not perform in Novosibirsk and Moscow in January – Rambler / news

The concerts of Rammstein leader Till Lindemann scheduled for the end of January in Novosibirsk and Moscow have been postponed, according to the official page of the famous German rock musician on Instagram.

“New restrictions are being introduced on international flights, entry and stay of members of the group and the collective. And holding concerts during an increase in the incidence is not safe for visitors, ”the message says.

The administrators of the team added that in order to prevent the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the concerts will be rescheduled to new dates. The organizers promise that all previously purchased tickets will be valid for new dates, which have not yet been announced, RIA Novosti reports.

Earlier, the chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to check the arguments of the activists who demanded the cancellation of the Till Lindemann concert in Novosibirsk. At the end of last year, Novosibirsk public activists turned to State Duma deputies with a request to “initiate a barrier to various anti-cultural phenomena.” According to the Investigative Committee, the activists in their appeal express solidarity with the opinion of Bastrykin, who in one of his interviews said about the “hybrid war that some Western institutions are waging against Russia”, and that it needs to be fought back. The authors of the initiative pointed out that several times the musician had problems with the law in Russia because of his scandalous songs and videos.

Lindemann’s concert in Novosibirsk was scheduled for January 26, and in Moscow on January 28.

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