Lincent: he threatens his neighbor with a machete and says he’s going to cut his dog in half!

Saturday evening, a neighborhood conflict could have ended badly on the side of Lincent, in the Hut region. A conflict that opposed next-door neighbors.

The scene began when a fifty-something left his house to knock on his neighbors’ doors. As soon as the door opened, he complained about the noise coming from this house. An argument then broke out. According to the magistrate on duty at the Liège public prosecutor’s office, this is not the first time that these neighbors have quarreled because of the noise, the first regularly reproaching his neighbors for suffering day and night noise …

The neighbor arrested, aged 62, obviously did not appreciate the intervention and immediately went to get a machete. According to the prosecution, the man did not strike but threatened his neighbor and told him that he was going to cut his dog in two …

Not surprisingly, a little later, the police intervened at the house of the neighbor with a machete. He was deprived of his liberty and taken to the police station to be interviewed on the charges against him. The man has a psychiatric history. In addition, the police discovered at his home a hunting knife and a rifle for which he does not hold a license to carry a weapon. On the basis of the reported facts and these various elements which did not have the effect of improving his case, the magistrate on duty at the Liège public prosecutor’s office decided to make him available to an examining magistrate by requesting his placement under arrest warrant.

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