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The Villarreal goalkeeper dedicates confinement to online training and the direction of his technology company

Andrs Fernndez (right) poses with his company’s team, Biyectiva.

What do footballers do during confinement? Well, apart from following the individualized training plans that their clubs have given them and -some- uploading videos to social networks playing with rolls of toilet paper, some have also now found the time that they cannot normally dedicate to other performances. This is the case, for example, ofAndrs Fernndez(Murcia, 1986), Villarreal goalkeeper who, in addition to giving free rein these days to his passion for reading – now I am finishing ‘The best time is now’, ofJack kornfield, and I have also started a slightly different one, ‘Letters from a Stoic’, fromSneca“he says,” can also pay more attention to the performance of Biyectiva Technology, a company based in Murcia that is dedicated to R & D & i and artificial intelligence, and of which he is CEO, although he qualifies: I am CEO but really I am one of the founders and the CEOs are my partners, who are there 24 hours a day. I am giving support, so far especially at the level of financial advice from me and my advisors, and day by day, in taking certain important decisions. “

It is not the first experience of the goalkeeper in the world of entrepreneurship. During his time at Osasuna, he already invested inTweet Binder, a company that has developed a hashtags analysis tool for Twitter and Instagram. At Biyectiva, which he founded together with a telecommunications engineer and an industrial engineer, they have, however, a broader horizon. In their portfolio they are defined as a company in which we develop artificial intelligence and make innovative customized solutions. As, for example, what they call smart accounting, a tool that allows you to recognize the invoices that come to you for accounting, recognizes them by means of an image or a photo. They can be several, it does not have to be a template or they are all the same, explains Andrs Fernndez.

Or video matching, which is a technology that recognizes television or any video on a screen and that allows you to compare videos on the network in search of pirated content or that leaks to the Internet, as well as to compare altered videos, eliminating the need to check content manually. We are looking for people with whom we can partner to get it out, because it may have interest tothe world of marketing and advertising. We are looking for people who want to join this project. There is some interest in a company and let’s see if we can do it. We had a projection before this whole crisis of the coronavirus passed and to see how we direct it from now on, the Villarreal goalkeeper points out.


Other projects that stand out in its portfolio are a video parking system, which keeps a record of vehicle accesses with the help of the license plate identifier; another for signing by facial recognition;ConnecTVty, which complements television content by making it interactive and breaking the fourth wall, offering the possibility of communicating directly with viewers, giving them access to exclusive links; o Next Tour, an application that allows you to capture monuments to mark them as visited and access information about them. And other things that you can’t talk much about. We also have an interesting technology, which is a communication technology that does not exist, we have its intellectual property, but this is more private. It is a technology that is very good but you have to know where to take it, says Andrs Fernndez.

His interest in technology goes back a long way. Since I was little I have always liked technology. You start with the game consoles, then you want to know how the electronic devices at home work andwhen I got older I wanted to dedicate myself to computing. I have always liked the whole technological topic. I have done programming and then I started to make my own computer: you buy the parts, you change the memory card, the hard disk, you put more power on it …, the goalkeeper, who parked his computer studies but what to expect to pick up and finish when I can focus on it.

Who knows if Biyectiva can end up lending a hand to solve the problems that are being generated this season with the VAR. I heard they wanted to invest in artificial intelligence, I thinkmany VAR decisions can be automated. With innovation, investment and time, great improvements in efficiency and response time can be achieved, points out Andrs Fernndez, who, while waiting for the championship to resume (if he does), follows his individualized work plan at his home in Castelln , where he shares confinement with his wife and dog. We follow a specific plan that the technicians send us, which has working circuits of strength, legs … everything. And then cardio exercise that you can alternate between bike and treadmill. They send homework for us every day. I spend about two and a half hours every day, because there is a warm-up, stretching and mobility first at the end. At the moment, we do not have rest but better this way because at least I like to play sports even when I do not train and it also helps to have my head released.

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