Liga MX Femenil players reveal how they want to be called

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Mexico City / 24.02.2021 15:02:25

The Liga MX Women published this Wednesday a guide aimed at the media, with the aim that the players are recognized as they want, from his first name, surname and even by his nicknames.

“The 18 institutions have been fundamental in this regard, disseminating the voice, feelings and information of each of their members of the female team. With the support of the teams, Liga MX Femenil compiled a list of the protagonists of this tournament, which includes the first and last names with which they prefer to be recognized by the fans and the media, ”he said in the statement.

In the long list, some cases such as Leslie Anel Horta Romero, player of Necaxa, who prefers to be recognized as Wera Horta, or Iraida Guadalupe Fernández Quevedo that was registered in this listing as Lupita Fernández or Lupigol.

Other cases are those of Saira Cecilia López Sánchez, also players of the Centellas, who prefers to be called Shoda or Shoda López, Y Valeria Alejandra Meza Cardenas, who signed up as Pony Meza.

Most preferred to be called with one of their names and their first surname, while other players chose to be recognized only by one of their names or abbreviations of their names.

Here you can check all the names of the soccer players.


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