Lies Marcos Claims in Inaugural Address

Rappler actuality-checks quite a few untrue and inaccurate statements designed by President Marcos in his to start with speech as Philippine president

MANILA, Philippines — Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s 1st speech as Philippine president was properly prepared and perfectly-articulated, and some of his critics or cynics confess it was a additional rallying place for his help The essentials are valid. But many fake promises woven in it did not escape the scrutiny of all those observing him.

The next is a compilation of phony information and facts Rappler found and debunked for the duration of his 26-moment inaugural tackle right after being sworn in at the National Gallery on Thursday, June 30.

Statement: Marcos Jr. Gets Most significant Election Mandate in Philippine Democracy History

“When my contact for unity commences to resonate with you, it does so for the reason that it echoes your aspirations, reflects your feelings, expresses your hope for spouse and children, country and a improved long term. This That is why it resonated and amplified in delivering the most significant electoral mandate in the historical past of Philippine democracy,” he explained.

The electoral mandate is not based on the number of votes a candidate will get, veteran journalist John Nery stated on a panel for the duration of Rappler’s exclusive report. With each and every election, the range of voters boosts, and so does the number of votes allocated to candidates. As an alternative, delegation is dependent on the percentage of all candidates’ votes.

In accordance to the Philippine Electoral Almanac, there had been 3 presidents, elected in 4 elections, who garnered mandates bigger than Marcos Jr.’s. Read listed here to uncover out who they were being.

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Assertion: Marcos Sr. is the only president to lead to food security

Marcos Jr. stated at the inauguration that “only a single” president has contributed to meals protection, connected to his father and the late president of the similar identify, Ferdinand E. Marcos.

No government has accomplished full foodstuff self-sufficiency, which is described as a country’s capability to deliver purchaser need, these as staple crops, instead than get and import. Marcos’ 20-year rule introduced famine, bigger poverty costs and inflation as superior as 50 p.c, all of which are added steps of a country’s foods self-sufficiency.

Assertion: Fossil-Gasoline-Cost-free Technologies for Economies Not Nevertheless Invented

On addressing mounting costs in the worldwide oil market place, Marcos explained at his inauguration that more than enough fossil-gasoline-free technologies have not been invented for the complete financial system, and wealthy countries are not attempting to do so with current systems.

Sweden, a person of the world-wide leaders in acquiring renewable vitality, is presently on its way to starting to be the initial fossil gasoline-no cost place by 2050.

Other innovative economies – this sort of as Germany, Portugal and Japan – are also committed to the worldwide movement to web-zero emissions by investing in renewable power industries and technologies.

Disclaimer: Bangui Bay Wind Farm is a job of Marcos Jr.

“Blades had been rolling about the dunes of Ilocos Norte prolonged just before this day, harnessing an invisible force in all instructions. I created them,” Marcos stated, seemingly referring to his function as Ilocos Norte province Governor’s time.

Marcos Jr. is affiliated with the Bangui Bay wind farm in Ilocos North and is often cited by his supporters as a single of his biggest achievements. Marcos has consistently utilized wind farms as a image of his legacy as a statesman and his promise to provide development to the place just after profitable the presidency.

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Having said that, the famed wind farm was not his task. It was created by NorthWind Electrical power Enhancement Company centered on a wind mapping review performed by the Nationwide Renewable Electricity Laboratory in 1996. –

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