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The “female celebrity surnamed n”, who was praised by Li Jiaqi in one hand, went out to do it alone.

On May 31st, Li Jiaqi first congratulated the Children’s Day on the official Weibo, and then announced the official opening of the Nawa family’s flagship store on Tmall. Naiwa is the Chinese name of “never surnamed female celebrity”. It is a bichon frise raised by Li Jiaqi. Because of its popularity, fans have kindly become “Sister n” and “female celebrity”.

It may be difficult for you to imagine that Nawa has become a member of the “carrying anchor” army, and the results are not bad-participated in the 618 for the first time this year, has won two tops on the list, and created 1 million-dollar products. .

Statistics show that the total turnover of IP goods of the Naiwa family exceeded 30 million. The GOOD SMILE co-branded hand-made new products first sold more than 8,000 pieces, pulling the co-branded Keep to the top of the yoga mat category TOP1, and Anji Xinyu to the top 2 of the cleansing category. With Naiwa as the core, there are five puppies in the family of Naiwa’s grandchildren, which together form the IP of “Nawa Family”.

According to the ranking of Xiaohulu Big Data, the store GMV of Siemens, Huaxizi, Philips, and adidas Tmall stores in the past 7 days are in the range of 30-40 million. Among the top 1,000 anchors that have been counted, it is probably ranked 70. about. The Nawa family, which has a sales record of 30 million, is already considered to be the top 10% of top-level anchors.

It is not uncommon for a star dog to become an IP by itself. The cat of “Lafayette” Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura had been co-branded, and the cat of “Mold” Taylor Swift also advertised for Coca-Cola. But the Nawa family IP derived from Li Jiaqi’s personal IP is obviously closer to the business scene. How did a “vegetarian dog” become a top seller in the cute pet world?

“E-commerce Online” learned that Li Jiaqi has established a separate operation team for the Naiva family. The operating company behind the Naiva family’s Tmall flagship store is named “Shanghai Naiva Family Brand Management Co., Ltd.”. The reporter interviewed the operation team of the Naiva family and the head of the Tmall fashion industry. As a sample of real-life cute pets, what kind of intersection is the Naiva family is heading towards.

Popular “female celebrity” with 460,000 followers on Weibo

The birth of the Naiwa family is inseparable from the influence of the owner Li Jiaqi.

“Almost six years ago, I met never. Two months after it came, I started to do the first e-commerce live broadcast. The live broadcast took a lot of pressure. I left half of my anchor seat for Never, it was sleeping and snoring. It will be heard by everyone. The fireworks in the live broadcast room were brought by dogs. Fans said it was noisy and loving.” In the second season of “Neva Family School Diary”, which started in April this year, Li Jiaqi made no secret of his right Neve’s feelings.

Previously aired programs

If the host’s delivery is a kind of trust relationship between the host and the fans, then Naiva has undoubtedly gained huge traffic from this trust relationship. On Weibo, Naiwa has her own super chat. The official Weibo “Naiwa Family” has 460,000 followers. Li Jiaqi will call Naiwa “My Daughter” and will customize cakes and send celebration Weibo to her during her birthday. Bo. Nawa often follows the hot search on live broadcasts, such as #李云迪教neverplay piano#, #never and my sister (一个狗)打起了#, etc. Even the fashion Harper’s bazaar, which specializes in star idols, is also filmed for it. Up the inside page.

Li Yundi teaches Naiwa to play the piano

Through the enthusiasm of Li Jiaqi himself and the guests in the live broadcast room, Naiwa has the first wave of awareness in front of the public. With the preparation of various variety shows and documentary cartoons, the Nawa family, who grew up, produced, and diversified in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast, gained greater influence and gradually became another piece of the puzzle in Li Jiaqi’s commercial territory.

In March last year, the Naiva family tested commercial cooperation for the first time. Perfect Diary launched Naiva as a model of the eyeshadow palette. Only 175,000 sets were sold in Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, with sales exceeding 10 million. In October last year, Li Jiaqi officially announced the birth of Naiva Family IP, and in December established Shanghai Naiva Family Brand Management Co., Ltd.

The Naiwa family has also begun to gradually become IP. Every dog ​​in the family has been given a different “dog design” by fans-“the machine of worship with no emotions, the female star of green tea” never, “the big head of the sledgehammer” The younger brother, the well-behaved and sensible sister… are all means to enrich the Nawa family’s IP, which can also be said to be a preparation for the Nawa family to accumulate fan groups other than Li Jiaqi’s fans.

“By 2020 Double 11, the Naiva family will start to try batch IP authorizations in multiple industries and categories, and the data for the shipment is very good. We have also been in communication with Naiva’s operations team since then. Naiva family in April this year The store went online for trial operation, until the day of Naiva’s birthday on June 1 this year, the Naiva family’s Tmall flagship store officially opened.” Tmall’s fashion industry Xiaoer Miaoshan revealed that Tmall treats “Naiva family” as a light IP I am very interested in the creation of virtual pet idols, and I will also consider co-creating in-depth content and marketing with the “Neva Family”.

Evolution from cute pet to IP

Judging from the products in the Tmall flagship store of the Newa family, it is not limited to the pet industry supplies. Clothing, figures, hats, bags and even small electric fans are all within the scope of cooperation.

The reporter of “E-commerce Online” checked the business scope of “Shanghai Naiwa Family Brand Management Co., Ltd.”, which also included beauty, hardware, home appliances, daily necessities, sports equipment, stationery and other categories. This may also be related to the positioning of the operation team that it has created-the Naiwa family will not be regarded as a cute pet IP, but will operate with the image of a virtual idol as a trendy IP.

For example, when you buy a hat, the pattern printed on it is not a real photo of Newa, but a set of cartoon images that have been designed. To this end, the Naiva team specifically sought out South Korean brand company LINE FRIENDS to design its image. Prior to this, LINE FRIENDS already had multiple IPs under the umbrella of Mantou Ren, Connie Rabbit, Brown Bear and James. In 2015, it only relied on IP. The paid emoji package brought about 1.7 billion yuan in revenue.

A joint product of Brown Bear and Connie Rabbit

There are many benefits of operating IP with cartoon images. First, it lengthens the life cycle of the Naeva family as an IP, and uses Naeva’s image and personality to create the second time. The IP created is linked to Naeva’s fans. Emotional attributes can expand its development possibilities. Prior to this, the delivery path of celebrity dogs has always been limited. Dogs like Wang Sicong and Han Han also have many fans, but the goods they bring are basically related to pet supplies.

“But the Naiva family is not a pure pet IP. As a trendy IP, it can have a cooperative relationship with any category.” Miaoshan believes that in the industry, this kind of trendy IP transformed from realistic cute pets is A sample case rarely seen before.

The current trendy IPs in the industry can be roughly divided into several categories. In addition to the classic IPs that need to be deposited for a long time, another type of light IP is one of the current trends. Its commercialization cycle is relatively short, and its role design is clear. Set, excellent design, coupled with content and emotional marketing, it is easy to create explosive styles. At present, this kind of light IP is a new trend in the Tmall fashion industry.

Figures of the Newa family

“IP is a very hierarchical thing. When we choose IP for cooperation, the first thing we will consider is whether it can help our products break into a new circle, but sales are the second consideration. Factors.” A brand told “e-commerce online” that from this perspective, the Nawa family is indeed very attractive to them, which means that many customers may be Li Jiaqi’s fans. The anchor’s endorsement, product exposure and repurchase rate will all be guaranteed.

However, the operation team of the Naeva family is very cautious in selecting products. Generally, brands that can be selected must meet two conditions: one is to meet the tonality of the Naeva family’s IP, and some categories with more cute and healing styles will have higher Cooperation intention; second, priority will be given to cooperation with the top merchants in each sub-field, so as to make the first check on the quality and design of the product.

What is the advantage of the Newa family?

According to data from iResearch, the compound growth rate of my country’s pet industry market is expected to be 14.2%, and the scale will reach 445.6 billion yuan by 2023. The rise of the pet economy has made it possible for pets to carry goods. Many pet bloggers on Douyin, Kuaishou, and Station B have accumulated their own fans. Among them, many cute pet owners will take orders and try to monetize their private domain traffic.

But not all pets have the ability to become virtual idols, which requires many considerations.

The advantage of the Naiwa family lies first in the resource support of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room. What Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room brings is the guarantee of the base number of single products. When a new product is built, its explosive coefficient actually also represents the extent to which it is recognized by the public. The products co-branded by Naiwa’s family can continue to be recommended by Naiwa’s “dad” Li Jiaqi, which is naturally an advantage.

Li Jiaqi recommends Naiwa as a model puppy eyeshadow palette

Secondly, the Newa family has a dedicated operation team in charge. From a short-term perspective, it is not eager to make commercial realizations, but to do something full in content. The pets of some amateur up owners cannot be IP-based. A large part of the reason is that they lack the operation of a professional team and do not have strong financial support. The eagerness to realize cash damages the brand value of IP.

“On the other hand, Li Jiaqi’s own influence allows the Naiva family to have more opportunities to contact brands in various industries. As an IP, the Naiva family is more likely to find the most suitable brand for cooperation. “An industry insider believes that this is the same as the big anchors having their own selection library and greater advantages in the supply chain.

However, when we change our thinking and then examine the development path of the Newa family IP, the strong binding with the owner Li Jiaqi may also make it fall into a certain limit. When it comes to Newa, the first thing you think of is Li Jiaqi’s pet dog. , Rather than an independent and personalized IP. If you want to enter the trendy play industry, how can people other than Li Jiaqi fans recognize the emotional value of the Naiva family IP? This requires longer operation and more external traffic exposure.

Nawa family cartoon image

Last year, Li Jiaqi took five dogs of the Newa family to participate in the treatment dog training, and took them to open a cafe in Haikou, in order to build Newa’s heart of healing and companionship value on various social platforms and video sites. .

This year, the animation of the Newa family has been updated for 6 issues. In the animation, Li Jiaqi no longer appears, and the five anthropomorphic dogs become the protagonists and opened a cafe. These actions have a subtle effect on improving the emotional attributes of the Nawa family IP itself and delineating more fan groups outside of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast.

Just like Disney princesses are brave and beautiful, Doraemon represents unlimited imagination, Pikachu in Pokémon has the iconic skill “One Hundred Thousand Volts”, and all of them have characteristics that are remembered by everyone as individuals. The Naiva family is also taking a lesson in the attributes of its own IP content, from online cute pet variety shows, offline IP exhibitions, to cross-industry joint activities of national tide designers, and enrichment through content output in different dimensions. Your own IP personality.

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