L’Expression: Nationale – 1,200 files filed in Béjaïa

The direction of education of the wilaya of Béjaïa recorded the receipt of more than 1200 files, deposited at its level by the licensees in English language or interpreting (from and to English) applying for teaching at the level of the landing primary English from the start of the 2022/2023 school year. This was indicated in a press release in which it is specified that the filing operation is not limited in time for the moment. The services of the direction of education of the wilaya of Béjaïa expect more enthusiasm in the coming days concerning the filing of application files to apply for a teaching position, as a contractual, of English language in the primary cycle.
According to a source from the education department, a choice will be made according to criteria which will be decided by the supervisory ministry and which will be communicated shortly, suggesting. that the place of residence and the seniority of the diploma will be decisive in the choice of new recruits, who will ensure the launch of this operation from next September.
The introduction of English in the first cycle does not constitute a competition for the teaching of the language of Molière or Tamazight, implied our interlocutor.
In addition, priority will be given to holders of an English-language license. The use of holders of a license in translation will be an option for regions where there will be no applicants with English language qualifications. On another aspect, we have learned that certain directorates of education have contacted the inspectors of the administration of the first cycle schools to take stock of the teaching of English in primary school, by proposing the complements. It is expected that an English teacher will ensure the complement of the hourly volume in another establishment in the same commune, as was done during the introduction of the Amazigh language.

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