Let’s look back on the memories of the court with a powerful performance! “Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Orchestra Concert” Archive Delivery Until May 15 | Inside

On May 7th, when GW also came to an end, “Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Orchestra ConcertWas held at Bunkamura Orchard Hall.

Ace Attorney]Is Capcom’s court adventure series. The first work, “Ace Attorney,” was released at Game Boy Advance in 2001, and this year marks the 20th anniversary of the series.

Performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Hirofumi Kurita. A member who has continued to support Ace Attorney concerts every year.Also, MCEiji TakemotoMr. (Miles Edgeworth), as a talk guestTakayuki Kondo(Ryuichi Naruhodo),KENNMr. (role of Apollo Justice) is on stage. There was also a small talk corner on the way, and I was able to enjoy the atmosphere of the “special court” familiar with TGS and PV.

This concert will be held for the first time in a long time with an audienceFull thankshave become. Online archive tickets are on sale until 21:00 on May 15th. Since it is the 20th anniversary, there are a lot of songs carefully selected from many songs, and I think that any series fans can enjoy it. The author is also one of the “reversal” fans from the first generation. Although it is easy, we will introduce the charm of this orchestra through a review of each program.

・ Published programs

  1. Ryuichi Naruhodo-There is an objection!

  2. Apollo Justice-A new chapter opens!

  3. Reversal detective suite brilliant trajectory

  4. Godot-Coffee is a dark scent

  5. Ace Attorney 1-3 Court Suite

  6. Ace Attorney 1-6 Beautiful Suite

  7. Ace Attorney Revolution and Succession Suite

  8. Ace Attorney Suite

  9. Great Ace Attorney Satoru’s Great Court Suite

  10. Ace Attorney 3 End

◆ Phoenix Wright-There is an objection!

The keynote is “Ryuichi Naruhodo-There is an Objection! 2001” from the first “Ace Attorney”. However, not only that, the nuances of “Ryuichi Naruhodo-There is an objection! 2001” (Phoenix Wright 2) and “2004” (Phoenix Wright 3) will be added to the performance as the series progresses. … And so, the claims of the songs in each series were brilliantly incorporated into one performance.

The content was suitable for the first song, carefully following the origin of the main character, Phoenix Wright.

◆ Apollo Justice-A new chapter opens!

The theme song of the new hero, Apollo Justice, who appeared in “Ace Attorney 4”. It is a medley with the intro of “Ace Attorney 4 Opening” in Ace Attorney 4.The original song hasFeeling sadAs it is, repeat it before and after the song related to “4”.

It’s a craftsmanship that arranges songs with a short loop. “That rustIt is a nice composition for fans who will listen to the song multiple times while entwining it with related songs.

◆ Reversal detective suite A splendid trajectory

A medley of the spin-off work “Ace Attorney Investigation”.As a story or adventure gameConfiguration that follows the development in orderAnd “BGM like BGMThis is a nice point for game music fans who like. I enjoyed the orchestra version of the songs played in the game system such as “logic”, “summary”, and “information reproduction”. If the “confrontation” type of music is played after taking these steps, the impression of the original will be further revived.

and,Of course there is“Pursuit-I want to find out” of “Reversal Attorney 2”.. After accumulating a lot, it will lead to this song. Although the audience seats remain silent, the air throughout the venue is overwhelmingly “FrontI felt that … It’s good, “pursuit” of “Prosecutor 2”. Please enjoy it with the video.

◆ Godot-Coffee is a dark scent

The theme song of Prosecutor Godot (?), The nemesis of “Phoenix Wright 3”. Come here and overwhelmingly “relaxThe song has arrived. The author, who was already excited by the three medleys in the first half and was too nervous, said, “I know ~It was healed. Loose accompaniment and saxophone melody stain. Is this the “ad lib” of the saxophone? It’s full of emotion.

The projected image is completely “Godot Prosecutor’s Theater“. It was so funny that I was able to relax there. I forgot about Godot’s “strangeness” until today, and I thought he was just a cool old man.

But Prosecutor Godot, after allQuite a weirdowas. It must have been forgotten because the eccentric weirdo after “4” had paralyzed his senses. If you are a fan, why don’t you check out the theme song and that coffee, which is the theme song for the presiding judge?

◆ Ace Attorney 1-3 Court Suite

Speaking of Ace Attorney, this is it.Court-related songsis. “” of each series with a profound and solemn atmosphereOpening of court“. Quiet but feel a sign “Cross-examination“. And after hitting the evidence, the story unfolds at once “Pursue」。

It was already an orchestra style from the time I heard it on the Game Boy Advance sound source, but since it actually became an orchestraThe details and strength are effective at once.Please enjoy the performance that is different from the previous orchestra albums.

◆ Ace Attorney 1-6 Beautiful Suite

Appeared in Ace Attorney 1-6,Female character theme songMedley. In addition to the famous song “Maya Fey-Theme of the Reversal Sisters” that represents the series, a fairly rare song “Pirate Sisters Ales-The Great Adventure of the Seven Seas” used in the DLC of Ace Attorney 5 also popped out.

In addition, the theme song of Ace Attorney 6 Reifa “Reifa Padma Klein-A brilliant princess shrine maiden”, which had an ethnic atmosphere in the original song, was arranged as an orchestra without any discomfort.

After that, the talk corner was lively with the topic of heroines.A smiley act.

◆ Ace Attorney Revolution and Succession Suite

Suite using the songs of “Phoenix Wright 5” and “Phoenix Wright 6”. “5”, whose theme is “The Dark Ages of Law,” and “6,” which reveals the amazing past of Apollo Justice in the turbulent Kingdom of Klein. Two series of songs will be developed, but the development that will eventually lead to the theme of Apollo Justice makes me cry. “Odoroki-kun grew up through the series …I was impressed.

In “6”, the stage may spread to foreign countries.Luxury like the movie versionI was feeling, but if you listen to the music in the orchestra performance, you will feel even more spectacular.

◆ Ace Attorney Suite

The first of the new series “The Great Ace Attorney”, the medley of “The Great Ace Attorney-The Beginning of Ryunosuke Naruhodo”. There was also the taste of live performance of the original song. The accordion stands out even more, reminiscent of the stage London.

Court songs such as “Great Cross-examination” and songs with different tempos such as “Joint Reasoning” of the investigation part are developed and converged. It will lead to “pursuit-a great turnaround” with full satisfaction. No complaints,Great powerIt was a medley of.

◆ Great Ace Attorney Satoru’s Great Court Suite

A medley centered on the second work of “The Great Ace Attorney”, “The Great Ace Attorney-Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Satoru”. The melody of the previous work is also partially used,Anyway, various developments.. However, the performance was consistently high in heat and passionate. Since the pursuit-type song “Great Pursuit-Ryunosuke Naruhodo’s Satoru” is coming up, it may be that the expectations of those who are listening to it are rising. I think he was even more powerful in conducting.

◆ Ace Attorney 3 End

The last song to bring is “3”, isn’t it? The original song “Phoenix Wright 3 End” is an arrangement of “Ace Attorney / Opening”.Starts with the same melody and ends with the same melody…… It’s deep. It was a song suitable for a large group of people, with the elements of “Ace Attorney” to “Ace Attorney 3” added little by little. It seems that there are many arrangements, and I think it is more magnificent.

As mentioned above, I have reviewed the songs of the program while I was afraid.

Again, the Ace Attorney series20th anniversary this yearis. Masterpieces that have been in the hearts of gamers for a long time. If you look at it from a new perspective of an orchestra, you will discover new excitement. How about a final reward at the end of Golden Week?

I will avoid making a statement because it will be a spoiler, but in the archive distribution it is not in the program “That song“or”That songYou may also be able to hear. Yes, the familiar “series” that has the power to bring everything with just that introThat song“……. Oh, it sticks to my head and I can’t leave it!

Ace Attorney 20th Anniversary Orchestra ConcertOnline archive tickets are on sale until 21:00 on May 15th.

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