Let’s go back to cinema, theater, concerts, in complete safety with ActivePure

The sector of culture andentertainment resumes its regular flow after the important stop caused by the Covid-19 emergency.

The month of October 2021 cuts a great milestone for most of the professionals but also for people who have had to give up, even completely, the entertainment dedicated to culture within theater, cinema e club.

Dall’11 October 2021 in fact, even the discos have reopened their doors to their guests, a possibility made concrete by the respect of some important rules both for the managers of the clubs and for the end users.

The maximum occupancy is 75% outdoors he was born in 50% indoors but the adoption of suitable ventilation systems and compliance with the basic rules of self-protection (spacing and masks among the most important).

Great return of even the most iconic of places intended for relaxation and entertainment: the cinema. The rooms intended for the projections of films and products of the sector they will be able to fill up to 100% if in the white area, while they drop to 50% in the yellow zone.

In order to guarantee relaxation and safety to the many people who, for good reason, can’t wait to go back to have fun and indulge in the little pleasures of life, it remains essential that everyone takes care of their own safety, guaranteeing that of others.

This is why when an additional safety measure is necessary, a device capable of purifying the air we breathe and sanitizing the surfaces with which we come into contact can make a difference.

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Thanks to the revolutionary technology ActivePure® you can secure one optimal air quality, every day and all day, even indoors and shared with many people at the same time.
E’ Beyond Guardian Air, the performing and efficient device even in large spaces (coverage up to 185 square meters).

Its heart is powered by patented, certification-awarded technology CERTIFIED SPACE TECHNOLOGY by the Space Foundation and can also be used in the presence of humans and animals.

Beyond Guardian Air it is the ideal solution for securing the safety of people in closed environments.
Contact us for a free consultation, we will reply quickly to present you all the advantages of an effective, efficient and reliable device.

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