Thursday, August 13, 2020

“Let’s do like the EU: we must build instead of continuing in the electoral campaign”

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Wireless charging for cell phones is an environmental “disaster”, study finds

A study by technology-specialized portals OneZero and iFixit, there is an "environmental cost" behind the popular wireless charging for cell phones.Wireless charging has been...

Banderas tested positive – Vorarlberger Nachrichten

Malaga The Spanish film star Antonio Banderas has tested positive for the corona virus in his own words and had to celebrate his 60th...

Half of U.S. elementary and high school students will study virtually only this fall, study shows

A little more than half of U.S. elementary and high school students will attend school only virtually this fall, according to a new study,...
Eroski’s president, Agustín Markaide, in one of the group’s supermarkets. / ec

He believes that consumption can go “from sirloin to chicken breast”, as happened in the crisis of a decade ago

José V. Merino