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On May 13, 2022, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants of Thailand posted a photo of a Leopard cat kitten protected in the Tha Takiap Forest, Chachoengsao Province, on its Facebook page for publicity.

The Leopard cat kitten, named “Simba,” now lives in a large nursery with a wild-like forest environment at the Clavokku Wildlife Rescue Center 2 with the aim of returning to the wild.

The agency calls on people living near forest areas to leave the forest in search of food and pay attention to young wildlife that cannot return to the forest on their own due to injuries or divorce from their parents. going. Wildlife sightings can be reported to the Wildlife Rescue Hotline (1362).

Leopard cats are protected by the Wildlife Conservation Act (1992), but are often poached and illegally traded.

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