León Animal Control inspects pack animals

Animal Control of León intervened with 54 animals identified by the Secretariat for Economic Reactivation

Carolina Esqueda
León.- The Center for Control and Animal Welfare (CCBA) concluded with the verification of the register of horses used for transport by animal traction. No case of mistreatment was reported that warrants his insurance.

The inspection unit intervened with 54 animals identified by the Secretariat for Economic Reactivation, the majority located in the San Juan de Abajo industrial estate, as a result of the definitive ban on carts pulled by donkeys, horses or mules on secondary roads from June, when the City Council approved a reform to the regulation of road to avoid their circulation within the urban sprawl.

Leon Animal Control

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The head of the CCBA, Emmanuel Rodríguez Martín del Campo, assured that although the processes are pending completion, for the moment none of the specimens were found in poor health conditions or in situations of obvious abuse, so they remain with their owners.

All administrative procedures are expected to conclude in December. For those dates, the Ministry of Economy made known its guidelines for exchanging animals for some other type of vehicle to support those who used them as a work tool.

They seek to put adoption positions

Part of the exchange program includes the equines being put up for adoption. For this, the director of the CCBA affirmed that they already have the protocol ready. It will be very similar to the one followed with dogs and cats, which includes signing a commitment letter to keep them in optimal conditions and accepting periodic visits to check their general state of health.

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“The protocol is already established, it is very similar to that of canines and once we have it, we will take advantage of the media to give the animals up for adoption, there are people who are already waiting for adoption,” he added in this regard.



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