Lee Joo-ho of ‘Sooyoung and handsome national team’ confessed ‘I like ♥’ to SM idols (Photo)

Joo-ho Lee – Espa Karina / Joo-ho Lee Instagram, Espa Official Instagram

Lee Joo-ho, the national swimming team, confessed his feelings for Karina, a member of the group Aespa, and Seo-jeong, the national gymnast.

MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’, which will be broadcast on the 31st, will be decorated with ‘Olympic Star – Taereung’s boyfriend special’. On this day’s broadcast, former national gymnastics representative Yeo Hong-cheol, modern pentathlon national champion Jeon Woong-tae, swimming national representative Lee Joo-ho, and rugby national team player Andre Jin Coquiyard appeared and talked about various things.

Below is MBC Every1
Provided below for MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’

In a recent recording, Lee Joo-ho said, “At the athletes’ village, swimmers played Espa’s songs and played with each other.” Along with this, they covered the ‘next level’ dance and revealed their dancing skills that had never been shown anywhere else for the first time. In addition, he shyly confessed his fandom to Espa’s member Karina, saying, “If I have a chance next time, I want to dance together.”

In particular, Lee Joo-ho drew attention by mentioning Yeo Hong-cheol’s daughter, the national gymnast, who appeared together. Lee Joo-ho said, “I want to eat together” when Lee Seo-jeong said that she wants to eat tteokbokki after returning to Korea after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

When asked about his ideal type, MC Kim Sook added a meaningful remark saying, “I like cute styles,” and received a warning from Yeo Hong-cheol, “See you later (?)”.

Joo-ho Lee, the national swimmer, can be seen on MBC Every1’s ‘Video Star’ at 8:30 pm on the 31st.


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