Leave for medical personnel suspended “until further notice”


Illustration of a quarantine in a hospital due to the coronavirus. – DUTCH HEIGHT / SIPA

The leave of medical personnel in Morocco has been suspended “until further notice”, the Moroccan Ministry of Health announced on Monday. The decision is justified by “the evolution of the health situation” in the country. The ministry called on employees on leave to return to their jobs within 48 hours.

This Sunday evening, the authorities had identified 25,537 cases (including 382 deaths) since the first, recorded in March. The kingdom has been experiencing an increase in contaminations for a few days, with records Thursday (1.046) then Friday (1.063). A “worrying” situation according to local media.

Travel restrictions in eight cities

“We have identified in a week more cases than in four months”, warned the Minister of Health at the end of July, citing a “worrying” situation. The authorities decided in the wake of imposing travel restrictions to and from eight cities, in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

After strict confinement, Morocco accelerated its deconfinement in June with the reopening of cafes, restaurants, shops as well as the resumption of domestic tourism. However, the borders remain closed “until further notice”.



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