Learn the trick to send funny squirrel audios

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With the arrival of the audios to WhatsApp, it is now easier to tell a complete story without writing it. It has made it easier to narrate something, however long or brief, with friends and family, through audios. But, something that very few know is that it exists a trick to be able to modify the voice in a squirrel tone and make conversations more fun.

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With this extra tool for you WhatsApp you can joke your contacts with audios in different tones; where without a doubt the squirrel is the friendliest of all. Trying it is very simple, just follow the step by step that we share here.

How to change your WhatsApp audios to squirrel voice?

The trick is to download Voice modifier since Google Play; an app for devices Android that gives you a whole collection of voice tones to change yours and share them not only for WhatsApp, but also on Messenger and direct messages from Instagram.

  1. Download Voice modifier from this link
  2. Give permission to access your audios to work properly
  3. Choose the tone you like best and record your audios
  4. Select share and choose WhatsApp to send it to your contacts.

Modificar voz audios WhatsApp

Among the different tones of voice that you can find in Modify voice there is the squirrel, alien, monster and robot; as well as others not so common, but just as fun, as a foreigner, grandpa or duck. Best of all, you can share them with your friends, taking advantage of the fact that with your Friend Kit you can browse your favorite social networks with the best connectivity of #LaRedDeTusEmociones

Modificador voz audios WhatsApp
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Now that you know this trick do not hesitate to use it and joke with your friends; as well as sharing this note with who you think will have a lot of fun sending audios with squirrel tones.

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