Learn about the most prominent disadvantages of Microsoft’s Surface Duo foldable phone


The American company “Microsoft” has entered the heated competition circle between technology giants around the world, in a sector that has started to flourish recently, which is the foldable tablet phone sector, with different types and the way they are folded and closed, whether inside, outside, or in a shell shape.

“Microsoft” decided last year to enter this battlefield, announcing a project for a foldable tablet phone, but in a different concept from the Galaxy Fold series from South Korean “Samsung” or Huawei Mate X from Chinese “Huawei” and other companies.

On the tenth of this month, Microsoft launched its foldable phone, in the manner of the book (Surface Duo), which began to face widespread criticism, with the start of its experience by specialists, technology experts and reviewers of new devices around the world.

Reviewers have complained about some problems in the device’s operating system, as Microsoft’s Surface Duo runs on Android 10, which Microsoft has modified its interface to run more than one application simultaneously, and this is generally good when switching between phone modes, but there is some delay in Response.

This is especially noticeable when using the camera application, since the phone does not include a rear camera, so you need to physically turn the device over to switch between the back camera and the front camera.

Microsoft's Surface Duo Android phone will get three years of updates - The Verge

As for the camera in the device, technology experts confirm that the Surface Duo camera cannot be compared to the cameras in the leading phones, at a time when the powerful and multi-lens camera has become a major selling feature for smartphones, and despite all the previous features, Microsoft introduced its new phone A single-lens 11MP camera that you can use as both a back camera and a front camera.

The price of the device compared to its average specifications is also an important defect, as the phone, which starts at $ 1400, if compared to any leading phone in 2019 or 2020 from Google, Samsung, Huawei or Apple, you will find that these phones come with a camera. A multi-lens background, including: a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a depth-sensing lens.

Microsoft Surface Duo: Who is it actually for? - Android Authority

Many complained about the dimensions and dimensions of the device, especially when using writing, as the dimensions of the dual tablet are wider and shorter than any other smart phone. Both screens in (Surface Duo) are 3: 4 in landscape mode, while most other phones are 16: 9, 18: 9, or even longer (such as 21: 9 Xperia 1 II).

Reviewers of the device indicated that the version of “Microsoft” uses the Snapdragon processor last year, and does not include NFC service for contactless payments, in addition to that the screen comes at a refresh rate of only 60 Hz, and wireless charging is not present, and the Duo will not survive at all when immersed in water, according to them. .

Technology experts confirm, in their reviews spread over the Internet, that Microsoft needs to work more seriously on its tablet phone with its next release, if it intends to continue this series, given that it is entering the market in a different way from its peers, but it came less than them in dazzling due to its low The device specifications compared to any device that preceded it in the market.


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