Lazio 2-1 Fiorentina: Ribery, Immobile and Luis Alberto


A penalty converted by the top scorer and a great goal by the Spaniard erase Ribery’s masterpiece. Bianconeri at +4

Post-covid Lazio is not the same, wonderful team admired until March. But she still has the winning mentality, along with players who can resolve games with an action. With Fiorentina comeback from 0-1 winning 2-1 even if the Viola play better, go ahead with a pearl of Ribery, miss the 2-0 and suffer the comeback of the team of Inzaghi, helped by a penalty awarded for a fall of Caicedo on Dragoswki outgoing.


Ciro Immobile is quite late in condition, but in a bad evening he brings out the impeccable transformation from 11 meters. Luis Alberto, until the stop the best player in Serie A or so, plays an almost normal game for someone who makes a difference like him. But it is the Spaniard, 8 ‘from the end, who invented the personal action concluded from the right by three points, after the involuntary bank of Igor, who only holds Juve at more 4. Losing other points would probably have written the word end of the championship, these three points instead are worth double for the moral boost they will give Lazio.


After the lackluster test against Brescia, Iachini’s team (today in the stands due to disqualification) showed a certain defensive solidity, with plots illuminated by a devastating Ribery until it ran out of gas. The goal scored in the 25th minute is to be reviewed a thousand times: three players sent to the bar (Patric, Parolo and Acerbi, the latter with a delicious pretense), regret emerges from Strakosha’s parade on Castrovilli and from the crossbar split from Ghezzal’s left , substitute for the disqualified Church. We were still at 0-1, probably the story would have been different. Although with the “though”. championships are not written


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