LayerX Labs Supports Introduction of Internet Voting in Student Organization Elections at Ibaraki Prefectural Namiki Secondary School | Press Release of LayerX Co., Ltd.


Tsukuba City plans to introduce Internet voting in public office elections under the “Tsukuba Super Science City Concept”, and aims to actively utilize it in school education in order to encourage young people to participate in politics. In collaboration with Ibaraki Prefectural Namiki Secondary School, we will introduce an internet voting system for this year’s student organization election.
Our research and development organization, Layer X Labs, is promoting efforts to realize electronic voting that is both transparent and confidential as one of the measures to promote digitization of the government. In November last year, Tsukuba Smart City We are participating in the council, and this initiative is part of that.

■ Overview

At the Student Organization Inside School election to be held on July 7, fourth graders (equivalent to first graders in high school) will vote from their smartphones, and prior to the election, ① sovereign education, ② utilization of digital ID / blockchain, ③ communication・ Learn about 5G in advance. Our company is in charge of (2) utilization of digital ID and blockchain, and our senior manager, Takahiro Hatashima, will give a lesson.
・Date: June 23 (water) 14:40-15:35
・ Place Ibaraki Prefectural Namiki Secondary School

■ Lecturer’s biography

Takahiro Hatashima (LayerX Senior Manager)
After graduating from the Department of Economic Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University, he joined Nomura Research Institute in 1997. After experiencing system development at financial institutions, he supported the global manufacturing industry and financial institutions as a system consultant. After being assigned to a financial institution, in addition to consulting on digital innovation, he also conducts research, consulting, and demonstration experiments on virtual currencies and blockchain. Participated in Layer X from January 2019. NRI Financial IT Forum, Japan Credit Association, Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association, FLOC Blockchain University, Keio Business School, etc.

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■ Layer X Employment Information

Under the mission of “digitizing all economic activities,” LayerX will change the way credit and evaluation are done, eliminate friction in economic activities, and create a society where many companies and individuals can benefit from it. We are promoting recruitment activities to achieve this.
With the launch of “LayerX Invoice,” which supports accounting DX, we are strengthening recruitment activities in all occupations, including software engineers. If you are interested, we are waiting for your entry below.

■ About LayerX Co., Ltd.

With the mission of “digitizing all economic activities,” LayerX is trying to eliminate the friction of economic activities such as business and production, and to realize the improvement of productivity, which is the issue of this country, in various industries. DX (Digital Transformation) is being promoted. In January 2021, we released “LayerX Invoice,” which automates the accounting and payment processing of accounting from the receipt of invoices, in support of accounting DX.
[Establishment]August 2018
[Representative name]Yoshinori Fukushima, CEO
[Capital]3.1 billion yen (including capital reserve)
[Business description]General support for digitizing economic activities (DX business), business development utilizing blockchain technology, software development, R & D
[Corporate site]

■ Inquiries regarding this matter

[email protected] (Responsible: Ishiguro / Kimura)


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