lawyer confirms charges against Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

The artist and leader of the San Isidro Movement Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara continues to be held incommunicado at the El Vivac detention center, in Havana, under charges of attack, contempt and resistance, the art curator Claudia Genlui informed Radio Martí.

The young woman said she was worried because she had not had communication with the detainee. “He has not been able to communicate with me; Luis Manuel always calls me (…) and it has been more than a week and has not made any phone calls ”.

Regarding the immediate fate of Otero Alcántara, “the orientation that exists (…) is that they are going to transfer him to the Guanajay prison,” Genlui said.

According to Claudia Genlui, the defense attorney was able to confirm that the visual artist is charged with the same charges for which rapper Maykel Castillo (El Osorbo) will be tried. “Attack, contempt and resistance to authority,” said the art curator.

Genlui added that this Tuesday he planned to go to the Bivouac, “to see if I can bring him a toilet bag, and also so that they can tell me when he will be transferred to (the prison of) Guanajay.”

The activist said she was “super scared, because I am seeing in the news that they are using violence inside the prisons. I am very concerned that he will also be suffering any violation there,” Genlui concluded.

(With a report by Ivette Pacheco for Radio Martí)


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